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    John Reznikoff

    John Reznikoff, founder & President of University Archives, is a well-known writer and authority on rare documents and manuscripts. Please contact John about selling or consigning your material to us.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.214 | EMAIL:

    Robin Cohen

    Robin Cohen, Senior Auction Director, is your main contact for all inquiries related to our auctions, including bidding on our website, Invaluable, and LiveAuctioneers. She also is your source if you are interested in purchasing autographs, documents, and manuscripts directly from our inventory. 
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.210 | EMAIL:

    Christina Collins

    Christina Collins, Consignment Director, will answer inquiries regarding consignments.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.250 | EMAIL:

    Rebecca Guernsey

    Rebecca Guernsey, Research Associate & Advertising Manager. One of our in-house cataloguers, and your contact for advertising and marketing outreach.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.212 | EMAIL:

    Luke Pascal

    Luke Pascal, Acquisitions & New Media, explores new leads and connects our clients to the latest UA news via various social media platforms, in addition to being an in-house cataloguer.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.228 | EMAIL:

    Paula Phillips

    Paula Phillips, Communications & Inventory Manager, can answer any general inquiries or redirect any specific requests.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.211 | EMAIL:

    Lucas Reznikoff

    Lucas Reznikoff, Social Media & Shipping Coordinator, can answer inquiries regarding shipping and social media.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.227 | EMAIL:

    Bess Ruzich

    Bess Ruzich, Research Associate. One of our in-house cataloguers.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.226 | EMAIL:

    Lucy Solano

    Lucy Solano, Consignment & Auction Associate, can answer any general inquiries regarding consignments and auctions.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.222 | EMAIL:

    Jessica Sullivan

    Jessica Sullivan, Shipping Director, handles inquiries regarding shipping preferences, in addition to being an in-house cataloguer.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext. 250 |

    May Vogel

    May Vogel, Chief Financial Officer, can answer any questions regarding accounting matters.
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.218 | EMAIL:

    Bryan Camarda

    Bryan Camarda, Owner, Senior Stamp Specialist. With over 30 years of expertise, Bryan Camarda will be glad to assist you with any inquiries into buying or selling stamps. 
    PHONE: 203-454-0111, ext.213 | EMAIL: