What does the name University Archives mean? Everyone asks. Our founder, John Reznikoff, embarked on a college career at Fordham University in 1978 while simultaneously launching what would become University Archives. Having “University” figure prominently in the company name appealed to the young 19-year-old entrepreneur, who was then working his way through school. Ishmael in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick proudly stated that “[a] whale ship was my Yale College and my Harvard." In a similar way, John was educated at the School of Autograph Collecting: in the antiques shops, flea markets, and rare book fairs of New England.

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    Autographs, Manuscripts, Photography, Relics, Artifacts

    At University Archives, our expertise is wide-ranging. Our strongest collecting areas, however, include Early American/Colonial; Revolutionary War; Declaration and Constitution Signers; American Presidents and First Ladies; Civil War; both World Wars; World Leaders; Science; Space; Literary; Music; Art. University Archives monthly online auctions offer a cross-section of most of these categories, so our buyers expect the best examples from each, and never leave disappointed. In addition, University Archives themed sales will highlight specific collecting interests, such as the Kennedy Family or Judaica.

    • Early American/Colonial
    • Revolutionary War
    • Declaration and Constitution Signers
    • American Presidents and First Ladies
    • Civil War
    • World Wars
    • World Leaders
    • Science
    • Space
    • Literary
    • Music
    • Art


    University Archives aspires to perfection. Our catalog descriptions are prepared by a team of rare book specialists as well as former historians and museum professionals. Our expertise even extends to in-house translation. Items are professionally photographed and creatively presented so that they attract the bidder interest they deserve. Our founder, John Reznikoff, personally vets each item offered for sale, and curates each auction. Our auctions are accessible on multiple online platforms and attract over 10,000 bidders from over 60 countries around the world! Our industry connections and online presence ensure consignors’ items will be sold at the highest possible prices, and that buyers will receive accurately described authentic material at prevailing market rates.

    Our goal is thus to ensure a positive experience from the beginning of the auction process to the end. Whether you are a seller or consignor, or an auction customer, our Auction Department, Billing Department, and Shipping Department will respond to you promptly and courteously. We are one of the only major auction houses in the industry to provide customers with worldwide in-house shipping options. We want your experience to be as stress-free and easy as possible; that extends to getting paid for your item in a timely manner, and receiving it in the mail as soon as possible.


    We are not just another auction house. At University Archives, you can expect to find everything from traditional collector’s items to truly unique pieces. Where else could you find such items as one of seven original Sputnik models, or Vladimir Lenin’s death mask, or the wax-modeled head of Albert Einstein, complete with unruly hair and signed by the physicist himself? We have even sold Obama’s first new car, and the car JFK rode in the day he was assassinated. Who knows what you’ll find here!


    Without a doubt, our founder John Reznikoff is the most In-demand authenticator of historical autographs in the world.

    As a handwriting expert, collector, dealer, and auctioneer, his reputation is unparalleled!

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