Inside Edition, “Secret Identity of Marilyn Monroe’s Dad Has Been Found”

    In this 2:01 video,Inside Edition’s Mary Calvi interviews John Reznikoff, President of University Archives, for a segment called “Secret Identity of Marilyn Monroe’s Dad Has Been Found” (May 7, 2022).

    Reznikoff, who is a Guiness World Record-holding collector of celebrity hair, provided a sample of Monroe’s platinum blonde locks sourced directly from her embalmer to prove the identity of Monroe’s father, long suspected to be Charles Stanley Gifford (see especially 0:30.) DNA in Monroe’s hair was then compared to genetic material found in Gifford’s granddaughter, Francine Gifford Deir, to prove conclusively that Monroe was the biological child of Gifford. The story of unraveling Monroe’s paternity from her hair sample can be seen in an upcoming documentary, “Marilyn: Her Final Secret,” made by French documentary filmmaker François Pomès, to be released in June 2022.