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Vladimir Lenin Communist-Era Oil Portrait

Vladimir Lenin Communist-Era Oil Portrait


Unframed oil on canvas depicting a bust portrait of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), signed by the artist in Cyrillic letters and dated "1972" above Lenin's left shoulder. Lenin's face is particularly well-done, with its subtle and masterful treatment of skin tone, hair color and texture, facial musculature, and eye expression. The canvas, which has been previously stored rolled, shows some minor craquelure. Isolated paint flaking is confined mostly to the greenish background, although there are a few missing flecks found on Lenin's forehead. The sight size of the painting is 26" x 32", while the overall size of the canvas is 27.5" x 32.5".


Lenin is shown formally dressed in a white shirt, dark blue vest and suit, and green patterned tie. His facial expression conveys a single-minded and extreme focus.


This Communist-era portrait of Lenin is evidence of the quasi-religious cult of personality that sprung up during Lenin's lifetime and intensified after his death. In the religious vacuum that was the twentieth-century Communist state, Lenin assumed a degree of secular holiness. His image was widely reproduced and appeared everywhere, from public statuary and wall art, to postage stamps and coins. Lenin's embalmed physical remains, exhibited in a monumental mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square, were universally revered until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.


Born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lenin's early life was shaped by tragedy. Older brother Sasha was executed in 1887 for his involvement in an aborted assassination attempt of Alexander III. This loss, along with Lenin's exposure to Marxist theory, sealed his political radicalization. Lenin's subsequent arrest, exile, travels, and work experiences forged him into a dynamic and uncompromising ideologue. Lenin would come to the forefront of the Russian Revolution of 1917, and lead the single-party Communist state until his death in 1924.



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