Rare hand-forged slave shackle with etched symbol

Wrought iron shackle, measuring 26" in length with a chain of 6 square links and an attached barrel-type locking mechanism. Hand forged with a dark patina.

Deaccessioned from a museum. From the information on accompanying certificate: Used primarily on a plantation in South Carolina to restrict the movement of enslaved Africans. Dark patina and hand forged construction are consistent with the period.

Also, the shackle has an intricate symbol (two arrows) etched by an enslaved African that is commonly known as an Adinka symbol.  The symbol is named "Namawa" (Trust in their God". There is another symbol on the side of the shackle that is not identifiable, but was carved at the same time of the other symbol.

The Adinka symbols, also know as cosmograms, are typical symbols found by excavating old pottery and other iron works by enslaved Africans.

Item: 59967

Price: $5,500.00
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