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President Nixon Pays his Taxes 10 Days after Swearing In

President Nixon Pays His Taxes 10 Days after Swearing In


Customized check bearing the secretarial signature of 37th U.S. President Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994) as "Richard M. Nixon" on the payee line, appearing below his typed signature "Richard M. Nixon." In addition, "Richard M. Nixon" appears along the check letterhead. Check No. 1316 was issued from southern Florida's Key Biscayne Bank on January 30, 1969, made payable in the amount of $52.80 to the Internal Revenue Service. The memo section reads "4th qtr. taxes withheld-domestic." Typical bank stamps and raised impressions appear on the check's blue patterned ground recto and verso. Folded at center, and with staple holes at top center, else near fine. 8.25" x 3". While we feel this is a secretarial possibly in the hand of famous tape deleter Rosemary Woods, there are those that feel it is authentic but nonetheless we prefer to err on the side opf caution.


Only 10 days earlier, on January 20, 1969, Richard M. Nixon had been inaugurated as 37th President of the United States by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren on the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol Building. Nixon's swearing in ceremony followed a contentious presidential election which pitted him against Democratic candidate and sitting Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Independent candidate and former Governor of Alabama George Wallace.


Nixon ran on a law and order platform that promised stability in an era of increasing social tumult. He represented a reaction against the Vietnam War, but also against the left wing countercultural movements that emerged to protest it. Nixon claimed to represent "the silent majority" of American voters, in a ploy most recently employed in the 2016 presidential election by sitting 45th U.S. President Donald Trump.


Nixon's major party opponent Humphrey was closely associated with all the pros and cons of the current Johnson administration. This included on the plus side Great Society initiatives, the Civil Rights movement, and space research and exploration, and on the minus side, the Vietnam War, hippies, and other radicals.


Nixon won the 1968 presidential election after securing 43.4% of the popular vote and 301 Electoral College votes (compared to Humphrey's 42.7% and 191 and  Wallace's 13.5% and 46.) Historians agree that Nixon's victory set the stage for Republican Party hegemony during the next 30 years of American political life.



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