Quaker Archive Comprising 10 Items Relating to Burlington County, NJ

Quaker Archive Comprising 10 Items Relating to Burlington County, NJ 

This collection of documents relate in various ways to Burlington County, New Jersey, and includes letters, receipts, agreements, and bills.


[BURLINGTON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, Archive of 10 Handwritten Documents, 1804-1880, relating to Burlington County, New Jersey.  15 pp., 8" x 4" to 12.75" x 15.5". Expected folds; some tears on folds and holes with loss of small amounts of text.


Descriptions and Excerpts

List of Quaker Names and Columns of Numbers, March 19, 1804. Surnames include Wilkins, Roberts, Engle, Moore, Mason, Rakestraw, Haines, Borton, Woolman, Stokes, and Lippincott, among others.

New Jersey had Quaker settlements as early as the 1670s in Burlington, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, and George Fox visited Burlington in 1672. The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting was first held in 1681 in Burlington, New Jersey, and alternated between Burlington and Philadelphia for several years.


“Cheque of an Election held at Thomas Hammitts and at the Town Hall in the Township of Everham...for the Purpose of Chosing Members to the Legislative Council and Generall Assembly” and “Sheriff and Coroners for the County of Burlington,” October 10-11, 1820


Robert D. Spencer to P. D. Vroom, July 11, 1833, Mount Holly, New Jersey, regarding legal cases.


John Shreve to Benjamin Shreve Sr., May 12, 1834, Salem, Ohio: Quaker in Ohio writes to his cousin regarding claims to an inheritance.


Hiram Auchmoody to Samuel D. Boulton, July 13, 1842:

“Dear Friend Please sir to attend to the request of a Friend in case of necessity to inform my Friends if ever it becomes the painfull duty to anounce my Death.” with list of names and addresses.


The World newspaper to James Shaw, January 19, 1861, New York City:

“In transferring our agents accounts on the 1st of Jan. your name was accidental omitted which accounts for your not received your ‘World’s.”


William C. Doane to James Shaw, November 1, 1862, Burlington, New Jersey, statement of charges for Times newspaper and other supplies.


H. J. Wood, “To Mary F. of B—n,” poem, for New York Herald, ca. 1862.


Agreement of William A. Goodher and George A. Allinson to repair St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Burlington, New Jersey, May 29, 1880.


William Risley to James Shaw, relinquishing newspaper route, n.d.

Ex: Charles I. Forbes.

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