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After Napoleon's 1799 Coup'd' Etat, French Revolutionary General Lefebvre Recommends Soldier

1 Year after Supporting Napoleon's 1799 Coup'd' Etat, French Revolutionary General Lefebvre Recommends Soldier


1p ALS in French inscribed overall and signed by French General Francois Joseph Lefebvre (1755-1820) as "Lefebvre" at center bottom. Bearing a beautifully embossed "General de Division" red wax seal at lower left. The cream paper is laid down on white stock adorned with a portrait of Lefebvre at upper left. The handwriting is bold, sloping, and dark. With expected light toning and wear, else near fine. The page measures 6.75" x 8.25" while the stock mount measures 8" x 9".


Translated in part:


"I certify that citizen Bawosky (?) capitaine de 109th (?) Brigade, served with much distinction, under my orders, in the advance guard, in the Armee Sambre and Meuse, during the campaigns of Year 2 [1794] Year 3 [1795] and Year 4 [1796] up until 9 messidor [June 28] of the same year, an era when I served…gl en chef Bonaparte, the permission to leave the expedition that had (?) the same year against Corsica.




At Limüt (?) this 29 vendemiaire Year 9 of the Republic [21 October 1800]."


The Armee Sambre and Meuse was a French Revolutionary army formed in late June 1794 to reinforce the flanks of existing armies, the Armee de la Moselle and the Armee du Nord. In 1797, the Armee Sambre and Meuse was recalled to Paris to defend the Directorate. It merged with other armies to form the Armee d'Allemagne the same year.


Francois Joseph Lefebvre joined the army in 1789 and was appointed General de Brigade four years later. He commanded the Armee Sambre and Meuse after September 1797. In November 1799, Lefebvre supported Napoleon's coup'd'etat, and served the First Consul and eventual Emperor in Germany, Poland, Spain, and Russia. Napoleon appointed him a Marshal in 1804, and for his leadership at the siege of Danzig in 1807 (now Gdansk, Poland), Lefebvre was given the honorary title of the Duke of Danzig.



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