[Myles Standish]

Myles Standish British Relatives

Myles Standish British Relatives


[MYLES STANDISH.] Thomas Morris, Manuscript Document Signed, June 1, 1705. 2 pp., 8" x 12.75". Expected folds; some dirt on outside panels; signature seal intact.


In this attractive manuscript, Thomas Morris agrees to Sir Thomas Standish’s offer of £50 to drop all of his legal cases against Standish except for two still in dispute. Standish was the 2nd Baronet of Duxbury, the possible birthplace of Mayflower leader Myles Standish.



“Memorandum is this day covenanted concluded and agreed by and between Sir Thomas Standish of Duxbury pallatine in the County of Lancaster Esq. Barronett on the one parte and Thomas Morris of [?y] in the said County [?] on the other parte That the said Sir Thomas Standish shall pay or cause to be paid the Sume of fifty pounds unto Mr. Robert Leigh of Chorley for the use of the said Thomas Morris in three months after Date hereof And that the said Thomas Morris in consideration thereof shall stay all proceedings either att law or in Equity upon account of any Court or [?] given to him the said Thomas Morris to save him [?] from any bond or bonds in which he was bound as Security with Sir Richard Standish also father of the said Sir Thomas Standish and to accept the said fifty pounds in full satisfaction of all [?tions] thereupon in full of all accounts save and except one bond [?] for payment of one hundred and fifty pounds to Mr [?] of [?] being now in doubt whether the same be the proper debt of the said Sir Richard Standish or of Christopher Banistor late of the Bancke in the said County Esqr. and one other bond payable to Thomas Logh of Leigh....”


The ancestry of Myles Standish (c. 1584-1656), the English military officer whom the Pilgrims hired as their military adviser for Plymouth Colony, is obscure. He accompanied the Pilgrims on the Mayflower in 1620 and played a leading role in the defense and administration of the Plymouth Colony. He served as the commander of the Plymouth Colony from 1621 until his death. He married twice and had seven children with his second wife.


Standish was likely from Lancashire and may even have been born at the Duxbury manor that Thomas Standish later owned. The precise relationship between Myles Standish and Thomas Standish cannot be determined.


Thomas Standish (1678-1756) was the son of Richard Standish, a Whig Member of Parliament for Wigan. Thomas Standish was the 2nd Baronet of Duxbury, in Lancaster, a baronetcy created for his father in 1677. In 1711, Thomas Standish was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire. His son Thomas Standish (1703-1756) was the 3rd Baronet of Duxbury.


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