Civil War

General Edward Winslow Hinks congratulates the all-black 3rd Division of the XVIII Corps on achieving equal pay with white troops.

Printed General Orders, No. 15, 5" x 8", Camp Hamilton, Va.,May 1, 1864 announcing the act of Congress that granted black soldiers equal pay to white troops:

"Soldiers of the Republic! At last justice has been awarded you by the representatives of the nation in Congress, and you stand before the law upon an equality with your heretofore more favored fellow soldiers of the North. / Induced by no promise of bounty, urged by no consideration of pay, you have taken arms in the cause of your country, prompted only by your patriotism and love of liberty; replying with confidence upon the gratitude and sense of justice of the people, to accord you the rights that a mistaken polity had withheld. / Your confidence has not been misplaced. By an act that has passed the Senate of the United States, and been favorably reported to the House of Representatives, you are to be paid hereafter as all other soldiers of the nation are paid. / The General Commanding congratulates you upon this indication of a national appreciation of your worth as soldiers, and recognition of your rights as men, and accounts it an auspicious omen that the initial action of Congress upon this measure was coincident with his assuming command of this Division. / He has carefully observed your soldierly bearing and rapid acquirement of military knowledge… / He hopes to lead you soon to victory, and in the hour of triumph we will not visit the wrongs we have suffered upon the persons of the foe, whom the fortunes of war may place in our power, but will be magnanimous to the fallen and humane to the defenseless, offering, if they will receive it, the lesson of humanity due from men."

An historic imprint in very fine condition.

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 Civil War Civil War
Civil War
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