Civil War

A striking huge illustration of the destruction of Fort Sumter accomplished during the Civil War.

A magnificent and large engraving, 23" x 30.5", entitled, “FORT SUMTER SOUTH CAROLINA AT THE TIME OF ITS CAPTURE FEBRUARY 18TH 1865. Showing the Effects of the BOMBARDMENT FROM MORRIS ISLAND. To accompany the Report of Maj. Genl. Q.A. Gilmore U.S. Vols. Comdg. Dept. of the South” The engraving features a 1/600 scale plan and matching horizontal section detailing the layout of the fort together with three 1/240 scale elevations as well as thirteen vertical sections. In areas where the destruction of the fort was near complete, the illustrator has added dotted lines to show the outline of the original structure. The engraving provides a vivid illustration of the near complete destruction of the bastion suffered over the course of the war: first with the Confederate bombardment of 1861 resulting in the fort’s surrender by Major John Anderson; then the subsequent Union attempts to take the fort beginning in 1863.

In preparation for the Union assault, the Confederates had enlisted 500 slaves to reinforce the old bastion with earth in an attempt to shore up the ruined works, which can be seen in the engraving. After several failed assaults and massive bombardments from Union naval guns, the Confederates evacuated the fort on February 17, 1865. On April 14, 1865, the Union army formally raised the American flag over the fort in an elaborate ceremony. One vertical crease and some light toning do little to detract from this striking presentation.

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 Civil War Civil War Civil War Civil War
 Civil War Civil War
Civil War
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