The glittering traje de luces - suit of lights - worn by the great Mexican matador Alejandro del Hierro - presented by him to Patricia McCormick, the first North American female bullfighter

The "Suit of Lights" consisting of three pieces: talaguilla (pants), chaquetilla (short rigid vest) and waist coat.

Patricia McCormick (1929-2013) quit college for bullfighting, persuading Alejandro del Hierro, a retired matador, to be her mentor and later her manager. She made her bullfighting debut on September 9, 1951, in Juárez Mexico. "The Big Spring Daily Herald" reported afterward that a bull trampled her twice and tossed her with its horns before she plunged the estoque between its shoulders. The crowd showered her with roses, and the judges awarded her the bull’s ear, signifying a superior performance. After killing the animal, Miss McCormick, streaked in blood, knelt down and stroked its head. “I loved the brave bull,” she later wrote in “Lady Bullfighter,” her memoir. In 1952, she was the first American woman invited to join Mexico’s matador union.

Patricia McCormick was not allowed to wear the male matador's glittering traje de luces, or suit of lights. After retiring, del Hierro gave her his "suit of lights," the glittering traje de luces here offered.

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