Ancient Axe Head

Ornate crescentic iron axe head and pick, 11th to 15th century.

A marvelous displayable antiquity, made of iron, with the head forming an axe on one side and a back-spike on the other. The axe side is beautifully forged and has fir-like designs perpendicular to the blade, and running along each crescent on each cheek. Each cheek of the axe head also has three star-burst designs with eight dots each, which clearly have some significance that we have not identified here. The back spike, or pick, side is ominous and beautiful at the same time. It undulates artistically and is beveled in a hexagonal shape. The eye, or shaft hole, is well formed and could easily be mounted with a reproduction handle. There is no doubt that this was a battle weapon, and probably a well-used one at that. The blade shows extensive use, with a triangular 1/4 inch loss in one segment.

Research shows that this is possibly Flemish or Saxon, but more likely Celtic or Viking era. In the medieval period, many Knights used a shorter single-handed axe with back-spike in horseback combat. As the axe focuses its impact on a smaller area than a swordblade, it was more effective at punching through plate armor. This item was purchased many years ago from antiquities dealer Brad Chill, and was at one time vetted for auction by Heritage Galleries in Texas. It would make a stunning display for any collection of edged weapons. While we have priced it as being from the 1300's or 1400's, if it turns out to be Viking era, it could be worth 5 to 10 times as much. As it stands, it is a stunning, authentic museum piece.

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Price: $3,500.00
 Ancient Axe Head Ancient Axe Head Ancient Axe Head Ancient Axe Head
Ancient Axe Head
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