Brass currency bracelet used among African tribes and in trade with Europeans for enslaved Africans

Brass bracelet, 0.75" thick, consisting of two pieces that fit together, overall size 3" diameter. Geometric carvings on the small portion of the bracelet. The bracelet employs a complex locking mechanism. When the dual blades are properly inserted into their counterpart and directly hammered with a light tap, they wedge in and cannot be separated without a perpendicular tap that loosens the device. They may even have been connected by chain and used as shackles. There are pin holes at one edge of the larger piece and on one blade of the small connecting portion for inserting a thin rod which would keep the two parts together to further lock the already complex mechanism.
This brass bracelet, from the Certificate of Authenticity by the Slave Relics Museum, The Center for Research and Preservation of the African American Culture, Walterboro, SC, "was used in Africa as currency between different tribes ... the African Chiefs traded with the Europeans for raw brass metal to trade for enslaved Africans. This bracelet has intricate markings and its form is consistent with items from the Republic of Congo ... a fine example of African currency used in the African Slave Trade in the middle part of the 1800s ... "

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