Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor Rejects Soldier for "Loss of Penis"

Zachary Taylor Rejects Soldier for "Loss of Penis"


Single page manuscript document signed, 8" x 10". Dated "June 13, 1833", and boldly signed by future President Zachary Taylor as "J. Taylor, Col / 1st Infy Comdg". Counter signed by R.C. Wood, and Thomas Barker. Lightly toned, with a mounting stain running along the extreme left edge.


An incredibly illuminating military rejection document in which three "Recruits" from 1833 are individually examined by the military surgeon. Two of which are rejected for medical reasons revolving around  Tuberculosis (phthisis pulmonalis, consumption, and scrofulous), however one recruit was determined to be unfit for military duty, under the disability termed "Loss of Penis". The term "Loss of Penis" can be most anything from the actual loss of the "appendage" to the lack of the organ's functional ability (in various forms). The military surgeon described the situation as "loss of Penis which disability in the opinion of the board existed previous to his Enlistment".


Aside from making one think about the "Why???", upon further review with today's military requirements and disqualifications one discovers that there is quite an extensive list of disqualifiers that revolve around reproductive dysfunction, including alterations and/or congenital abnormalities for both men and woman.  A point which is extremely pertinent for today's transgender, and gender fluid debates regarding enlisting in the military. For more information on the various conditions that prevent qualifying, one can visit the website.


The letter is shown in part below:


"Upon the examination of the Recruits at Fort Crawford, June 13, 1833 three men rejected by asst Surgeon R.C. Wood…


James Kavenagh

Rejected for scrofulous tumours …

Samuel Williams

Rejected for Phthisis Pulmonalis which disease may have been produced by exposure + fatigue …

John Forrester

Rejected for loss of Penis which disability in the opinion of the board existed previous to his Enlistment ...


The last sentence is equally perplexing as it also gives one pause as to how the doctor would KNOW enough to even make such a comment as to when (or how) the person incurred his Penis disability? (And needless to say we feel deep regret that Mr. Forrester now has his condition put out for public awareness on the Internet)


A most unique military letter signed by future president Zachary Taylor.


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Zachary TaylorZachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor
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