William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Heart "bring the executioner, I do not want the plague ... rats or politicians ... the politicians are the worst"


8.5" x 10.75" single page typed letter with an ALS by William Randolph Hearst signed and penned in his hand along the bottom. On letterhead of George C. Loorz, Supt, Hearst Camp, San Simeon, Calif. Page toned with pale faded handling marks. Single center fold, minor creasing.


An amusing letter first from the superintendent of Hearst's compound originally drafted to Mr Willicombe requesting him to reach out to Mr Hearst, who then followed up with the superintendent personally by replying to him along the bottom of the page. The superintendent is lamenting about the plague of rodents "The orchard is literally crawling with the animals now coming in from the outside … they (small traps) catch nearly 100 per day but are not keeping even"


Note-- the year is 1936, years after the heyday of the roaring 20's and the apex of the Hearst empire. In 1935 Hearst could not even service his existing debts and went into default. By 1937 his company  faced court mandated reorganization (and apparently rat infestation both metaphorically and physically)


Hearst's most amusing reply shows that at least in the middle of his chaos, that he has not lost his sense of humor:


"OK. Bring in the executioner I don’t (want) the plague as due to absence of "varmints". Every once in a while there is a plague of something or other - locusts or grasshoppers or frogs or rates of politicians - something to afflict us. It has been so in all recorded time - and the politicians are the worst. If we ever get rid of them let us institute an official passover.



A perfect letter with a perfect response, at least in the midst of the demise of his empire, William Randolph Hearst goes down with his ship while maintaining a sense of humor. 

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William Randolph HearstWilliam Randolph Hearst
William Randolph Hearst
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