Robert A. Toombs

Robert A. Toombs & Matthew Fontaine Maury Signatures, Confederate Cabinet & Navy

Robert A. Toombs and Matthew Fontaine Maury signatures, Confederate Cabinet and Navy


Signatures of Robert A. Toombs (1810-1885) as "R Toombs, U.S.S.",  and Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873) as "M.F. Maury" laid down on scrapbook album half-sheets, accompanied by handwritten biographical entries. In very good condition, with glue residue, and a pencil mark affecting the "R" of Robert Toombs's signature. Each half-sheet measures approximately 6" x 5.5".


Robert A. Toombs served as 1st Secretary of War of the Confederate States of America, or, as the autograph collector wrote: "Robert Toombs, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State under the Presidency of Jefferson Davis, in the first cabinet of the Confederate States." Prior to his 5-month-long cabinet posting, Toombs represented Georgia in Congress, championing states' rights and eventually secession.


Matthew Fontaine Maury resigned his post in the United States Navy to fight for the Confederacy. His caption reads "Lieut. Maury, U.S.N., Confederate Navy". Whether in his wartime roles as Chief of Sea Coast, River and Harbor Defenses, naval mine designer, commissioner of Weights and Measures, naval appraiser and buyer, or Confederate spokesman abroad, Maury vigorously supported the Confederacy. Later, he was considered the father of oceanography.



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Robert A. ToombsRobert A. ToombsRobert A. ToombsRobert A. Toombs
Robert A. ToombsRobert A. Toombs
Robert A. Toombs
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