Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon as President, Personally Used Golf Ball

Richard Nixon as President, Personally Used Golf Ball


Spalding golf ball bearing the inscriptions of "President Nixon', "Spalding 3 DOT", and "Spalding 90". Original Spalding box present, all neatly housed in a acrylic display box. Used by President Nixon during his Presidency and quite possibly used by Spiro Agnew during one of his famous golfing faux-pas in which he would strike an innocent bystander on the course.


While serving as Vice President under Eisenhower, Nixon dutifully took up the game and became a solid player, once breaking 80 and playing to a 12 handicap. Even though he had a three-hole course built at his home in San Clemente, Calif., Nixon gave up golf while in his troubled second term.


Agnew's penchant for inflicting damage to innocent bystanders became infamous in 1970 and 1971 when he hit pro partner Doug Sanders in the head, and in 1971 hit three people with errant shots during a tournament, followed later by shanking a ball into a gallery where it smacked the arm of a 66 year old man. Agnew was so consistent with hitting people that he would become a regular roast with Bob Hope's jokes-- "When (Spiro) Agnew yelled “Fore!” you never knew whether he was telling someone to get out of the way or if he was predicting how many spectators he would hit with the shot."


Perhaps this Nixon Presidential golf ball was one of those errant balls later retrieved.  Certainly a unique conversation piece!


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Richard NixonRichard Nixon
Richard Nixon
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