Raoul Wallenberg

Wallenberg Signed Schutz-Pass Doc, Signed in Scarce Full Signature.

Wallenberg Signed Schutz-Pass Doc, Signed in Scarce Full Signature.


A fine example of the very rare full signature of the Swedish diplomat and humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, documenting his efforts to help a Levai Miksa to survive the Holocaust. This Official Schultz-Pass document, dated August 22, 1944, and issued in Budapest, bears the original ink official stamp  of the Royal Swedish Legation. Signed in blue ink on the recto by Wallenberg as "R Wallenburg". 8.25" x 5.75". Text and signature clean and fresh, pencil notations to upper right corner. An exceptional document signed by one of the 20th-century’s greatest humanitarians. This original single page document is additionally accompanied by 3 photocopies of Levai Miksa's other documentation of protection.


The document is shown translated below:

"To the National Central Authority Supervising Foreigners,

B u d a p e s t.


We are pleased to inform you that the Royal Swedish Legation in Budapest has issued a protective passport to

Mr. Miksa L é v a i

according to which the above-named person must be considered a Swedish citizen.

            The Legation kindly requests that the above-named individual be exempt from wearing the distinguishing symbol. The Legation certifies that the reciprocity mentioned in the relevant regulation exists with Sweden.

Budapest, September 28, 1944."


Stamp of

Royal Swedish Legation in Budapest


Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg engaged in extraordinary efforts to save Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. His heroic actions began in July 1944, when “the Swedish Foreign Ministry, at the request of Jewish organizations, sent him on a rescue mission to Budapest, as an attaché to the Swedish Embassy. By this time, 476,000 Hungarian Jews had already been deported to extermination camps, and deportation had been ordered for Budapest Jewry. Wallenberg’s chief operation was the distribution of Swedish certificates of protection (‘Wallenberg Passports’ or Schutz-Pass),” along with Schutzbriefs (Letters of Protection), and requests of exemption addressed to the Külföldieket Ellenörzö Hatóság (National Central Authority Supervising Foreigners). Armed with such documents, Jews fell under the protection of Sweden, an officially neutral nation. “When the Soviet army was closing in on Budapest and the other diplomats left the city, Wallenberg chose to remain there in order to protect ‘his Jews’ in any eventuality which might arise. Wallenberg himself died in still-mysterious circumstances: he was arrested by the Soviet Union on suspicion of espionage during the siege of Budapest by the Red Army, January 1945. He was not heard from again, and there is a consensus that he died in July 1947 while in KGB custody in Moscow. Raoul Wallenberg is one of the very few people to have been made an honorary citizen of the United States; he is also an honorary citizen of Canada, Hungary, and Israel.


These priceless documents, granting escape from otherwise certain death, were paid for dearly with the life of one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century. This exceedingly rare document, signed by Wallenberg, with the date of September 28, 1944, is one of the official Letters of Protection. This life-saving document, containing the inkstamp of the Royal Swedish Legation in Budapest, states that Levai Miksa  had received a Schutzpass, and therefore he is considered a Swedish subject and is to be exempted from wearing the yellow star.


The lot prior to this offered lot is another document relating to the papers of protection for Levai Miksa.

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Raoul WallenbergRaoul WallenbergRaoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg
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