Nathaniel Sargeant

Twice signed Nathaniel Peaslee Sargeant document regarding a prisoner

Autograph Document Signed twice by Nathaniel Peaslee Sargeant, Member of Massachusetts Provincial Congress, 1775, and active in the cause of Liberty. Judge of Superior Court, 1776 and Chief Justice, 1789. This document 1p. quarto, May 31, 1785, Boston, reads in small part: "...We command you that the Body of David Speers in our Prison, under your custody, as tis said...shall be called or charged his Lodgings in Battle Square in the Town of Boston..." Accompanied by Manuscript Document Signed, 3p. quarto, and reads in very small part: "....The Jury find sd. Brig. Union was British property - That she was taken by sd. Exchange, an American Cruiser & held in possession twenty days, afterwards was retaken by a British Vessel & held 16 hours only when she was taken by sd. French Frigate..."

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Nathaniel SargeantNathaniel Sargeant
Nathaniel Sargeant
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