Muhammad Ali

Original Steve Kaufman artwork on an 80-pound punching bag and on an Everlast boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali

(1) Punching bag, four feet tall, 45” diameter. Essentially a Steve Kaufman wall mural depicted instead on the bag's cylindrical vinyl surface. Ali triumphantly raises his arms and lets out a roar in the large full-color central portrait, with a dozen black-and-white renderings in the background. A "MUHAMMAD ALI" heading glows yellow, and purple bio lines highlight his global sociopolitical influence: Ali has met with Russian American and Cuban leaders to talk about peace" "More than just a boxer, a citizen of the world. The only private citizen to be named ambassador to the U.N." Kaufman's black marker signature near the top reads, "Peace & Respect - SAK." Fine condition.

(2) Limited Deluxe (Glitter) Edition numbered Everlast Boxing Glove, right hand, signed “Muhammad Ali” and “SAK” by artist Steve Kaufman who has transformed the pugilist’s modern day gauntlet into a work of art. Signed “SAK” and numbered “20/250” prior to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta where Ali lit the torch in the opening ceremony in the games most emotional moment. Kaufman painted 500 of these gloves (250 Deluxe Edition, 250 Regular Edition) commemorating "The Greatest” who signed this colorful glove in 8/10 black Sharpie underneath a silkscreened photo of the heavyweight champion. The glove also includes the Olympic logo and "USA" along with "Ali" more than a dozen times in white, blue and pink paint. Kaufman painted red stripes and puffy clouds representing stars on a field of sky blue evoking the American flag. Fine condition.

(3) Everlast Boxing Glove, left hand, commemorating Cassius Clay’s winning the Boxing Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. The other unpainted, unsigned glove.

Steve Kaufman, nicknamed “SAK” by Andy Warhol, worked as Warhol’s assistant in the 1970s and has since carried on in the same artistic tradition, creating art in the trademark Warhol Style.

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Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
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