Moshe Sharett

Interesting holographic exchange between Zionist Dr. Arthur Ruppin and Moshe Sharrett on publishing statistics on Jewish immigration in 1935

Interesting holographic exchange between Zionist Dr. Arthur Ruppin and Moshe Sharrett (later Prime Minister of Israel), one page, 4to, July 2, 1935, in Hebrew by both. Ruppin writes Sharrett: "H. Carmelli made the statistics enclosed here, and asked me if the Jewish Agency is not objecting to publish it from political reasons. I would be much obliged if you express your opinion in the matter." Sharrett responds on the lower half of the same page "I don't see any political damage in publishing the conclusions by a private person without the stamp of the Agency or of the German Dep[artment]. But I do see the chance of damage to the truth in publishing the conclusions regarding the immigration from Horan, that…are…given in generalization and vagueness, without accuracy in the term 'Horan' and without clarification of what is seasonal immigration of workers and what is settlement…" He has signed with initials "M.S.". Fine.

Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943) was a Zionist thinker and leader. He was also one of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv, and a pioneering sociologist credited as being "The Father Of Jewish Sociology", directing Berlin's Bureau for Jewish Statistics and Demography from 1902 to 1907. In 1926, Ruppin joined the faculty of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and founded the sociology department. A building there is now named in his honor. His most celebrated sociological work is "The Jews In The Modern World" (1934).

Moshe Sharett (born Moshe Shertok) born on October 15, 1894, died July 7, 1965 was the second Prime Minister of Israel (1954-1955), serving for a little under two years between David Ben-Gurion's two terms. Born in Kherson, Ukraine, which was then part of the Russian Empire, Moshe Sharett emigrated to Palestine in 1908. His family was one of the founders of Tel Aviv. He was a member of the first graduating class of the Herzliya Hebrew High School. He also studied in Ottoman Istanbul and attended the London School of Economics.

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Moshe Sharett
Moshe Sharett
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