Ludwig Beethoven

The Ludwig von Beethoven Diamond

One of only three created from locks of Beethoven’s hair!

From “The Beethoven locks of hair used for creating these LifeGems have been authenticated and provided exclusively by John Reznikoff of University Archives … The Beethoven LifeGem diamond creation process was completed in 2008 and has since been added to the LifeGem ‘chain of fame’…”

Beethoven’s carbon was collected from the hair, purified into graphite, subjected to heat and pressure in a diamond press, and finally faceted into a LifeGem. The Ludwig von Beethoven LifeGem diamond is a blue .56 carat round brilliant diamond which was the first ever created from the carbon of a celebrity or historical figure. Three diamonds were created partially from 130 mg of carbon extracted from 10 strands of hair from the remains of Beethoven, and partially from added carbon.

One of the three diamonds was listed for auction on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price of $1 million, with the proceeds to be donated to charity. With a starting bid of $50,000, the diamond was eventually sold for $202,700 after 62 bids on eBay. One of the other two diamonds was given to John Reznikoff, and the third diamond is being kept by LifeGem for the LifeGem "Chain of Fame.”

Item: 56867

Price: $125,000.00
Ludwig BeethovenLudwig BeethovenLudwig Beethoven
Ludwig Beethoven
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