Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich, Soviet artist, DS confirming return of artwork from disbanded museum

2pp DS signed by Soviet artist Kazimir Malevich as "K. Malevich" in blue ink verso. Cream paper sheet printed with purple ink in Cyrillic on both sides. Also signed by artists R.A. Andreev and I.E. Pecherskii verso. In very good condition, with expected paper folds, overall toning, and minor edge wear, measuring 8.625" x 13.75".

The document dated April 1, 1926 is a receipt itemizing artwork to be transferred from the Petrograd State Institute of Artistic Culture, or GINKhUK, to artists Andreev and Pecherskii. Museum Director Malevich acknowledged the exchange, writing "Confirmed K. Malevich, 1/4/26" in the top left corner verso. The artwork had been in the museum's collection, but after the Soviet state closed GINKhUK in 1926, it was forced to liquidate its inventory. Presumably this entailed returning its pieces to original artists.

The Petrograd State Institute of Artistic Culture operated between 1924-1926. It was the successor of the Institute of Artistic Culture, or INKhUK, which welcomed patrons between 1920-1924. The state-sponsored museum not only exhibited the work of Soviet artists, but its leadership, comprised of the leading Soviet sculptors, painters, and art scholars of the day, determined the course of art in the new Soviet Union. Under Malevich's direction, the GINKhUK attracted too many abstract artists, "holy crackpots" whose "counterrevolutionary sermonizing and artistic debauchery" alienated party leadership. Abstract art was no longer the preferred Russian art form, as it was supplanted by Socialist Realism.

Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) was a Russian artist, art theoretician, and writer active during the pre-Revolutionary and Soviet period. Malevich developed an artistic movement called Suprematism that reduced representation to a handful of geometric forms. Malevich popularized Suprematism through exhibitions, and also his treatise From Cubism to Suprematism (1915). Although Malevich viewed Socialist Realism as little more than political propaganda, he tolerated it during the rest of his career.


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Kazimir MalevichKazimir MalevichKazimir MalevichKazimir Malevich
Kazimir Malevich
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