Joseph Smith

Rare Joseph Smith Mormon 1837 Banknote

Joseph Smith Rare Mormon 1837 Banknote


Kirtland, OH- Kirtland Safety Society Bank 1837.

This scarcer, low-denomination Kirtland type was issued after the "Anti-Bank-ing" notes and does not have any overprinting.Many feel that this is an authentic signature of leader Joseph Smith  but we feel it is A scribe signature that closly matches his own. Sidney Rigdon signs as bank president signed at the right. Printed from the plates engraved by Underwood, Bald, Spencer & Hufty, N. York & Philad. The $1, $2, and $3 notes from the lower denomination plate are much scarcer than the $5 and $10 notes. Usual wrinkles but overall a beauty.


Item: 64981

Price: $6,000.00
Joseph SmithJoseph Smith
Joseph Smith
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