Joseph Bonaparte

Joseph Bonaparte real signature or secretarial signature???

Joseph Bonaparte real signature or secretarial signature???

1p DS on watermarked paper inscribed in French and signed by Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) OR SECRETARY as "//. Bonaparte" at bottom. In near fine condition with expected paper folds and overall light toning. Page measures 6.75" x 4.5".

In this undated note, Joseph Bonaparte promises to appeal to his younger brother, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), on behalf of an anonymous office seeker. Napoleon was appointed First Consul of the French Republic for a ten-year term in 1799; an 1802 constitutional vote granted him the position for life. Napoleon later traded in his First Consul title for that of Emperor in 1804.

The handwritten note reads in full:


I've received your letter: I beg you to tell me the position that you are asking for; I will apply to the first consul and to the minister.

I have the honor of greeting you,

//. Bonaparte"

Napoleon's meteoric rise to political power in France enabled him to also promote members of his family. A savvy politician, Napoleon used nepotism to surround himself with loyal satellites and consolidate his control over other European countries. Napoleon installed his brother Joseph Bonaparte, already named as a French Prince and Grand Elector, as King of Naples and Sicily following the French invasion of the territory in 1806. Joseph Bonaparte would be appointed King of Spain in the Indies in 1808. After Napoleon's fall, Joseph Bonaparte lived in the United States until the 1830s.


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Joseph BonaparteJoseph Bonaparte
Joseph Bonaparte
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