Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy, Wholesome Beauty While on the Presidential Yacht, Cecil Stoughton’s own Vintage Photo

Jackie Kennedy, 3 Days before the Birth of Patrick, Weighing Pensive While on the Presidential Yacht

Jacqueline Kennedy original, first generation, 7" x 5," vintage, glossy, double-weight photograph by Cecil Stoughton, with Stoughton's unique numbering system on verso, his own file example and date of Aug 4, 1963.

A revealing, highly emotional photo of Jacqueline Kennedy while in her third trimester of her pregnancy with Patrick. The photo dated August 4, was taken just 3 days before the birth of Patrick. One can only imagine what was going through Jaqueline's mind as she had already suffered a miscarriage in 1955, followed the next year by a stillborn baby girl they planned to name Arabella. Even John John was born premature.

As it were, Patrick was born only 3 days later making him 5 1/2 weeks early and weighing under 5 pounds. Jaqueline had been in Massachusetts when she went into labor, and was rushed to Otis Air Force base. President Kennedy who was at the White House rushed to Otis via Air Force One. Upon birth Patrick was diagnosed with Infant respiratory distress syndrome, a syndrome in premature infants caused by developmental insufficiency of pulmonary surfactant production and structural immaturity of the lungs. Patrick survived only 39 hours.

The entire nation went into mourning. Jacqueline had been told of her son's death by Dr. Walsh. (He would console her again after her husband's assassination; he was aboard Air Force One with her as she returned from Dallas with the president's body.)

An incredible foreboding photo as the viewer knows of the events that were about to unfold for this family in the coming days, weeks and months.

Cecil William Stoughton (January 18, 1920 - November 3, 2008) was an American photographer best known for being President John F. Kennedy's photographer during his White House years.  Stoughton was present at the motorcade at which Kennedy was assassinated, and subsequently took the only photograph on board Air Force One of Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as the next President.  

Provenance:  From the estate of Cecil Stoughton


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Jacqueline KennedyJacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
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