Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy's turquoise one piece bathing suit, with impeccable provenance

Jacqueline Kennedy's turquoise one piece bathing suit


First Lady Jackie Kennedy's turquoise blue Catalina one-piece swimsuit, recovered by Lt. Hirschy from the presidential yacht, the "Honey Fitz."  With double button shoulder straps and a built in bra, this swimsuit was part of Jackie's eclectic and vibrant wardrobe.


John and Jacqueline loved boating and swimming, with the two often found sailing from the early days of their relationship. During the era of Camelot, the First family would often spend time on the "Honey Fitz," the Presidential yacht.

According to Dave Powers (former head of NAIA, author of Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, and a long-time close associate of John F. Kennedy), the Kennedy family had some of their happiest moments aboard the "Honey Fitz."  As a life-long lover of the sea, the President liked to slip away from the White House for a few quiet hours on the yacht in the Potomac. They also spent Easter and Christmas on the boat (in Palm Beach, FL) and in September and October took time aboard her at Hammersmith Farm (Newport, RI). The vessel was used primarily for family and close friends, though dignitaries visited from time to time. Documentation confirms that the boat was also used to transfer guests down the Potomac River to Mount Vernon for one of President Kennedy's State dinners. From the President's birthday (May 29) until approximately mid-September, the yacht was kept at Cape Cod and used every weekend. President Kennedy loved to spend time alone with Jacqueline and his children on the yacht.


The fact this bathing suit was recovered from the Presidential yacht  "Honey Fitz" allows one an important brief touch-point to the more personal side of this Presidential family and glamorous First Lady.


Provenance: From the estate of the Hirschy family via auction, which will include a signed Letter Of Provenance from them. Lieutenant Hirschy was Supply and Logistics Officer for the Military Aides to the President and Officer-in-Charge of the Navy Mess in the White House during both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. His duties also included taking care of the President's needs on overseas trips, aboard the presidential yachts and at Camp David. Lt. Hirschy served in the White House from May 1, 1961 through May 31, 1965.


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Jacqueline KennedyJacqueline KennedyJacqueline KennedyJacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
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