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Vol.5, Iss. 18: Not-Too-Late-To-Purchase Holiday Items






Not-Too-Late-To-Purchase Holiday Items

In case you missed John Reznikoff’s TV appearance on Inside Edition, please click on this link:

Keep an eye out for John Reznikoff in an exciting new show, “Secrets of the Arsenal,” premiering in December on American Heroes Channel. 
John will talk about WWII spy Moe Berg and the also the Invasion of Italy by General Patton’s seventh army. 

The holidays are beginning to bear down on us like a freight train. Prior to Thanksgiving, it seemed as though we had all the time in the world to select that perfect gift. Now we feel pressure, we’re counting down the days, checking shipping deadlines, seeing ‘out-of-stock until January’ notices, even considering going to the mall – for what, we don’t quite know – to press our way though throngs of similarly desperate people searching for the perfect gift. Or, we can select a unique and unforgettable item with historical significance, perhaps a future family heirloom, from the listings below. Purchase any item from this list and receive a 10% discount through December 12, 2014, and enjoy the holidays!


Name John R.R. Tolkien ID# 58630
Headline Displayable letter of J.R.R. Tolkien mentioning his wife – she was the inspiration for the elf LĂșthien in “The Lord of the Rings”  
Date [May 1,1972] Price
Place London, England $3,500.00

Name Thomas Alva Edison ID# 58820
Headline Superb Edison “umbrella” signature  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $650.00

Name Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
ID# 56796
Headline Three weeks after Pearl Harbor! Rare Signed Photograph of President and Mrs. Roosevelt given as a Christmas present to members of the White House staff  
Date December 1941 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $5,000.00


Name Babe Ruth ID# 55210
Headline Perfect Babe Ruth signature on a diploma to a youngster who attended Academy of Sport classes at the 1940 New York World’s Fair and intended “to practice the ideals of Sportsmanship and Clean Competition…”  
Date October 16, 1940 Price
Place New York, New York $6,000.00

Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 57784
Headline Beautiful signed photo of Theodore Roosevelt with clear dark signature, signed as President  
Date February 26, 1909 Price
Place n.p $2,750.00

Name Declaration of Independence ID# 58403
Headline Rare Force engraving of the Declaration of Independence printed in 1848  
Date 1848 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $48,000.00

Name LeRoy Neiman ID# 57537
Headline LeRoy Neiman, the first artist in the 20th century to commit himself to sport, signs his lavishly illustrated book covering thirty years of sports history  
Date 1983 Price
Place n.p. $500.00

Name Harry Houdini ID# 58392
Headline Rare signed Houdini Picture Company stock certificate  
Date May 12, 1922 Price
Place New York, New York $12,500.00


Name Colin L. Powell ID# 57254
Headline Colin L. Powell signed book “My American Journey”  
Date 1995 Price
Place n.p. $300.00


Name [Ronald Reagan] ID# 58566
Headline A touching and poignant memento from Ronald Reagan - an ornate Christmas stocking given to a terminally ill child who lit the White House Christmas tree in 1983  
Date [December 15, 1983] Price
Place [Washington, DC] $7,500.00

Name Charles Dickens ID# 58789
Headline Framed Display! Charles Dickens vintage photograph and signature  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,300.00

Name James Whitcomb Riley ID# 58576
Headline James Whitcomb Riley signs and inscribes his 1903 volume of poetry as a Christmas gift  
Date 1903 Price
Place n.p. $450.00


Name Mormons ID# 58424
Headline Superb colorful panoramic map of the region between the Mississippi River and the Great Salt Lake, illustrating the overland trek of the Mormons in 1846 and 1847, which is drawn from Orson Pratt's record of the trip  
Date [1899] Price
Place [Salt Lake City, Utah] $3,000.00


Name Ernest Hemingway ID# 58477
Headline Superbly Inscribed copy by Ernest Hemingway of “A Farewell to Arms” – the finest Hemingway inscription we have ever seen!  
Date April 2, 1960 Price
Place Havana, Cuba $4,500.00


Name George Dewey
Spanish-American War
ID# 58679
Headline A spectacular Naval item evoking one of the most famous quotes in military history, "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley." Charles V. Gridley posthumously receives a gorgeous certificate for his heroics, signed by Admiral Dewey, the man who uttered those immortal words.  
Date c. May 1899 Price
Place n.p. $5,000.00


Name Boxing ID# 57645
Headline Signed First Edition! “K.O.” – a boxing story inspired by the life of early World Heavyweight Champion Jim Jeffries, signed by Jeffries, the book’s author W.A. Merrill, and boxing’s first woman referee  
Date c. 1933 Price
Place [California] $1,000.00


Name Carmen Miranda ID# 57583
Headline Rare early Carmen Miranda Signed Decca Album of three LPs – “A Night in Rio” – including selections from her just released film, “That Night in Rio”  
Date 1941 Price
Place n.p. $1,200.00


Name John F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
ID# 58175
Headline Signed less than 48 hours before leaving for Texas, President and Mrs. Kennedy’s 1963/1964 New Years and Hanukkah card – of the utmost rarity – one of only a few signed by both!  
Date [November 19-20, 1963] Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $25,000.00

Name Andy Warhol ID# 58721
Headline Signed poster of Warhol’s “The American Indian” from a 1979 exhibition in Germany, inscribed to the gallery’s curator  
Date June 1979 Price
Place Dusseldorf, Germany $6,500.00


Name The White House ID# 58252
Headline An original Smithsonian artifact and exceptional piece of American history, this steel bolt was part of the original White House, removed during Teddy Roosevelt’s 1902 renovation!  
Date [1792 - 1829] Price
Place Washington, DC $4,750.00



Name Jack London ID# 58778
Headline Rare Signed Photograph of Charmian and Jack London with a photograph of his “Bedside Table” captioned by his wife  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,000.00

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