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Vol. 6, Iss. 2: California Dreaming






California Dreaming

…more specifically, Oakland, California dreaming. We look forward to seeing west-coasters and visitors at the California Antiquarian Book Fair in Oakland, Friday, February 6th through Sunday, February 8th, at the Oakland Marriott City Center, Booth 807. In celebration of this event, we are offering a 10% discount on the following items from or about the Golden State. Discounts are in effect through February 8, 2015.


Name Marilyn Monroe ID# 58782
Headline On stunning 20th Century Fox letterhead, a magnificently signed Marilyn Monroe contract which renegotiates the rising starlet's pay for filming Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Niagara  
Date June 5, 1952 Price
Place Beverly Hills, California $10,000.00

Name Ansel Adams ID# 55446
Headline Photographer Ansel Adams signed Special Edition of his “Images: 1923-1974”  
Date 1975 Price
Place Carmel, California $400.00

Name John Muir ID# 56257
Headline Muir thanks artist David Pell Secor for his letters and “the book mark so characteristic of the Puget Sound scenery I shall use with very pleasant remembrances…”  
Date February 26, 1908 Price
Place Martinez, California $3,000.00

Name Stan Laurel ID# 54548
Headline “The last L&H film was made in France, titled ‘UTOPIA’, sorry to say it was the worst we ever made … The John Wayne film you saw recently in which Hardy was in, was made in ’48. (released in ’49.) … Mr Wayne being a good friend of Hardy requested him to appear alone in this film, so of course I had no objection…”  
Date November 27, 1959 Price
Place Santa Monica, California $900.00

Name Ronald Reagan ID# 59022
Headline Reagan tells the 96-year old widow of the man who gave him his first job that he was “sorry you were disappointed” she hadn’t received a Christmas card but “having gone from a staff of 1400 to 14 in the last year, we have had to cut back on a lot of things we would have loved to continue … please be assured that there was no ‘Reagan Christmas card’ this year…”  
Date January 10, 1990 Price
Place Los Angeles, California $1,000.00

Name Katharine Hepburn ID# 57606
Headline Katharine Hepburn pens a letter with great Hollywood content, mentioning director George Cukor and writer Garson Kanin.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $2,200.00

Name Casablanca ID# 57917
Headline You must remember this! A Chair from Rick’s Café in “Casablanca”  
Date 1942 Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00

Name Walt Disney ID# 54720
Headline Walt Disney boldly signs a copy of the book "Die Wüste Lebt" [The Living Desert] to the long-time head of the Berlin Zoo.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $6,500.00


Name Jefferson Davis ID# 58602
Headline Jefferson Davis, as Secretary of War, requires officers to pay their enlisted servants - an ironic piece in light of the nature of Davis' personal servants  
Date July 2, 1856 Price
Place Washington, DC $2,250.00


Name Charles Schulz ID# 58795
Headline Schulz handwrites his favorite books as a teenager including “All of Sherlock Holmes novels & stories” – Snoopy dressed as Sherlock Holmes in an animated TV special “It’s a Mystery, Charlie Brown” in 1974  
Date January 30, 1968 Price
Place Sebastopol, California $1,000.00

Name Marilyn Monroe ID# 57731
Headline Highly Important 4-page Contract Signed by Marilyn Monroe for RCA. It specifically discusses "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", where she would sing her most famous song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" and defers to Twentieth Century-Fox in all movie related songs.  
Date October 8, 1953 Price
Place n.p. $12,500.00

Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 54571
Headline War Dated Photograph of President Franklin D. Roosevelt accepting a six-foot model troop-carrying Liberty ship at the White House, the S.S. John Bidwell, Calship No. 109, boldly signed by the President.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $5,500.00

Name Joe DiMaggio ID# 50362
Headline Joe DiMaggio signed pictorial biography with authentication. "I was really pea-green. I remember a reporter asking me for a 'quote' on something or other and I was so dumb I didn't even know what a 'quote' was. I thought it was some kind of soft drink."  
Date 1951 Price
Place New York $590.00

Name Andy Warhol ID# 58721
Headline Signed poster of Warhol’s “The American Indian” from a 1979 exhibition in Germany, inscribed to the gallery’s curator  
Date June 1979 Price
Place Dusseldorf, Germany $6,500.00

Name Supreme Court - Warren Court ID# 57018
Headline Photograph signed by the members of the Warren Court.  
Date ca. 1965-1967 Price
Place Supreme Court Washington, D.C. $2,900.00

Name Harry S. Truman ID# 53958
Headline Signed by President Truman and four other world leaders at the UN Conference on International Organization in San Francisco on the day the United Nations was established – with ticket stub to the “Final Session” and the rare identification pin bearing the original design of the UN emblem.  
Date June 26, 1945 Price
Place San Francisco, California $2,000.00


Name [John Wayne] ID# 54648
Headline Canteen Owned by John Wayne –used in “The Green Berets”  
Date c. 1967 Price
Place n.p. $4,500.00


Name Tiger Woods ID# 55180
Headline The ultimate Tiger Woods display! A tournament-worn autographed Nike golf glove and signed British Open flag.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $9,500.00

Name [Bruce Lee] ID# 54286
Headline Bruce Lee’s Focus Mitts: Pair of copiously photo ID’d - including training with wife Linda and son Brandon - brown leather Focus Mitts owned and used by Bruce Lee.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $80,000.00

Name Elia Kazan ID# 54622
Headline Elia Kazan begins his career as a film Director with 20th Century Fox  
Date March 3, 1944 Price
Place Beverly Hills, California $600.00

Name Katharine Hepburn ID# 57625
Headline Terrific Hollywood content Katharine Hepburn letter, mentioning Danny Kaye, Bob Hope, John Ford, Peter O'Toole, and others!  
Date January 15 (1968) Price
Place [Ireland] $2,000.00

Name John Muir ID# 56302
Headline Partial working manuscript from “The Forests” chapter of Muir’s “The Mountains of California,” darkly penned by John Muir.  
Date c. 1894 Price
Place [Martinez, California] $1,600.00

Name Richard Nixon ID# 58533
Headline Richard Nixon correctly predicts a Democratic defeat in the 1966 California governor's race: "If the California Democratic Party fails to purge itself of these radical Left-wing elements, registered Democrats by the thousands will refuse to support the Democratic nominee and will assure an overwhelming Republican victory in 1966."   
Date September 29, 1965 Price
Place New York, New York $1,250.00

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