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Vol. 6, Iss. 11: Cradle of Liberty




Cradle of Liberty

The city of Boston, often times referred to as our country’s “cradle of liberty”, has a rich history with its beginnings in the 1630’s when the Puritans established a settlement there. Over a century later, Boston became a hotspot of unrest when the colonists began to rebel against the British Parliament imposing their control over them through the Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Tea Act and Boston Port Act. The results of these acts were the catalysts that led up to the start of the American Revolution. Several early battles of the Revolution were fought in or near Boston including the Battle of Lexington and Concord, The Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston. Following the American Revolution, Boston became one of the world’s wealthiest international trading ports and in addition developed into an educational mecca with over 53 institutions of higher education in existence today. Boston is also legendary for its sports teams and the support of their fans, which are some of the most loyal and avid in the country.

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We are proudly offering the items below, many of which represent Boston’s vital role in the making of America and many that represent the city that it is today. Take a look. And if you purchase any of these items by November 20, 2015 you receive a 10% discount!


Name Colonial Massachusetts ID# 59920
Headline Mayflower document! Near contemporary manuscript of the will of wealthy Boston merchant and Pilgrim John Winslow whose wife Mary, mentioned in this very document, and two brothers came over on the Mayflower a year before John's arrival. Early mention of slavery and Plymouth.  
Date circa 18th century Price
Place Boston, Massachusetts $7,600.00

Name [Myles Standish] ID# 54644
Headline A gorgeous document with ornate seal intact signed by a member of the Standish family of Duxbury, Lancashire - likely relations to Plymouth Colony leader Myles Standish who founded Duxbury, Massachusetts.  
Date November 25, 1647 Price
Place n.p. $2,500.00

Name Robert Newman ID# 58948
Headline "One if by Land, Two if by Sea" – Exceedingly rare and desirable document signed at Old North Church by sexton Robert Newman who, at the request of Paul Revere, had hung two lanterns in the steeple of his church to alert the colonial militia that the British were invading “by sea”  
Date August 10, 1787 Price
Place [Boston, Massachusetts] $5,800.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 51488
Headline 1776 Siege of Boston Document Signed by 23 Lexington Alarm Minutemen – including 2 African-Americans.  
Date February 9, 1776 Price
Place Dorchester, Massachusetts $25,000.00

Name Minutemen ID# 58432
Headline A superb collection of military commissions and other documents signed by four different Massachusetts colonial governors related to the military service of Thomas Turner Sr. and his son Thomas Turner, Jr. during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution  
Date 1756 - 1772 Price
Place Boston, Massachusetts $9,500.00

Name Boston Massacre ID# 50916
Headline John Adams' 20-year-old law clerk during the time he was defending the British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre, William Tudor, delivers an Oration commemorating the "Bloody Tragedy" nine years later at the request of John Hancock and other prominent Bostonians.  
Date March 5, 1779 Price
Place Boston, Massachusetts $5,000.00

Name Boston Massacre ID# 59754
Headline The rarest of all Boston Massacre orations: Peter Thatcher's March 5, 1776 address demanding independence, delivered the day after Washington captured Dorchester Heights: "... let us expire with this prayer upon our quivering lips, O GOD, LET AMERICA BE FREE!" This copy was owned by a Lexington Alarm Minuteman who later served as a Continental Marine aboard the ship that transported John Adams to France in 1778.  
Date 1776 Price
Place [Watertown] $3,750.00

Name Thomas Jefferson ID# 53454
Headline Jefferson defends the most controversial Act of his Presidency: The Embargo: "To have submitted our rightful commerce to...tributary exactions...would have been to surrender our independence"  
Date August 26, 1808 Price
Place [Monticello] $48,000.00

Name John Hancock ID# 57062
Headline Writing to his brother from London, John Hancock dispenses priceless advice, “…Let your Conduct be such as to merit the Esteem of all about you, & Remember that the Diligent Hand maketh Rich.”  
Date December 27, 1760 Price
Place London, England $39,000.00


Name George Washington ID# 59636

A month before he would agree to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Washington thanks a correspondent for his update on Shays' Rebellion in Massachusetts

Date [February 20, 1787] Price
Place [Alexandria] $35,000.00

Name George Washington ID# 59899
Headline George Washington, amassing troops to fight the Battle of Rhode Island recommends that the Massachusetts militia join the brigade headed by General John Glover, who ferried Washington Across the Delaware in 1776.  
Date [August 2, 1778] Price
Place [White Plains] $32,500.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 59174

With the siege of Boston entering its seventh month, the Massachusetts assembly offers financial support for the refugees of Boston and Charleston, "who are driven from those Towns, by the cruel Hand of Tyranny and Oppression"

Date November 2, 1775 Price
Place [Watertown] $10,000.00

Name Revolutionary War ID# 58083
Headline The first front page printing of the Olive Branch Petition in Massachusetts (and the first report in Boston), as well as an early appearance of Lord Dartmouth's official report on the Battles of Lexington and Concord  
Date August 24 - 31, 1775 Price
Place Cambridge, Massachusetts $18,500.00

Name Early 19th Century Boston ID# 39764
Headline Printed accounting of expenses and income for Boston during 1810-1811, including rent from Faneuil Hall ~ with an early docket connecting the piece to John Hancock  
Date May 22, 1811 Price
Place Boston, MA $1,850.00


Name John F. Kennedy ID# 58876
Headline Congressman Kennedy uses his influence to obtain a shore assignment for a fellow veteran of the Solomon Island campaign where JFK gained renown for his exploits saving the crew of PT-109  
Date March 27, 1950 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $2,900.00

Name Theodore Roosevelt ID# 58671
Headline Theodore Roosevelt signs his name to the November 1913 Harvard Board of Overseers photograph following his return from his dangerous South American expedition to the "River of Doubt"   
Date May-June 1914? Price
Place Cambridge, Massachusetts $5,000.00

Name Baseball ID# 57892
Headline Authorized Replica 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions Trophy  
Date c. 2004 Price
Place [Boston, Massachusetts] $3,000.00

Name Baseball ID# 55715
Headline Boston Baseball Writers Dinner Program/Menu Signed by 10 including four Hall of Famers  
Date February 1, [1951] Price
Place Boston, [Massachusetts] $1,250.00

Name Ted Williams
ID# 59181
Headline Signed Ted Williams Gateway Full-Color Silk-Cacheted Cover honoring the 50th Anniversary of the final day of his 1941 season - .406 batting average!  
Date c. 1991 Price
Place n.p. $300.00

Name Hockey ID# 56673
Headline 1971-1972 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins Signed Hockey Stick  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,300.00

Name Christy Mathewson
ID# 57234
Headline As President of the Boston Braves, Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson proposes different insurance policies taken out by his team on 25 player contracts to financially protect the Braves in case of injury – one for his 15 best players including HOFers Casey Stengel, Rube Marquard, and Dave Bancroft, the other for the 10 who “do not play regularly.”  
Date 1923-1925 Price
Place New York, New York $17,500.00

Name [James "Whitey" Bulger] ID# 54906
Headline Equipment used by the FBI to tap phone conversations, gathering evidence against South Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $3,500.00

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