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Movers and Shakers

World leaders are the powerful and influential – usually politicians – who determine the destinies of nations, tribes and sects. History is replete with examples of heroic leaders and the villainous, the savvy and the clueless. We are better judges of past leaders because their decisions have had a chance to play out – Neville Chamberlain may have been a popular leader in the 1930s, but his policy of appeasement toward Hitler’s Germany tarnishes his reputation today.  We have selected documents and relics of some influential world leaders, past and present. Purchase one or more by Friday, August 1, and receive a 10% discount.


Name Nelson Mandela ID# 58263
Headline Scarce Signed Autobiography of Africa's Icon of Freedom  
Date 2000 Price
Place n.p. $7,500.00

Name Barack Obama
William Clinton
ID# 58264
Headline A rare 2012 Masters Tournament pin flag signed by both Barak Obama and Bill Clinton  
Date October 27, 2013 Price
Place [Augusta, Georgia] $4,500.00

Name Nikita Khrushchev ID# 58004
Headline Long Khrushchev letter with Jewish interest -- he and close Stalin aide, Lazar Kaganovich, advise political and Communist Party leaders  
Date October 8, 1947 Price
Place [Kiev, Ukraine] $3,000.00


Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 58207
Headline Just days after Hitler invaded Poland and England and France declared war on Germany, FDR cancels a political address because of “the swift movement of events which has shattered the peace of Europe and imposed grave responsibility upon the United States as a nation … We must all stand together in firm resolve to bear witness before all nations to our unshaken patriotism…”  
Date September 7, 1939 Price
Place Washington, DC $11,500.00

Name Fidel Castro ID# 51024
Headline A unique Castro handwritten manuscript. Notes for a speech possibly given at the U.N., decrying U.S. actions in the wake of the Bay of Pigs.  
Date n.d Price
Place n.p $25,000.00

Name George Bush ID# 24981
Headline George Bush ALS facing a crisis: "I write this from AFII, our vacation interrupted by the Soviet shoot down." He is referring to Korean Air Lines Flight 007, which was destroyed by a Soviet jet on the day before, with the loss of 269 lives, including 61 Americans.  
Date September 2, 1983 Price
Place Washington, DC $3,250.00


Name Winston Churchill ID# 58205
Headline In an extremely important letter, Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Minister of Labour, Arthur Steel-Maitland, discuss the Stanley Baldwin government’s monumental Widows Act of 1925 - spawned in future Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s Health Chambers - which redefined British Toryism  
Date April 6, 1925 Price
Place London, England $4,250.00

Name Jimmy Carter ID# 57266
Headline Jimmy Carter signed book “Keeping Faith”  
Date 1982 Price
Place n.p. $400.00

Name Shimon Peres
King Hussein I of Jordan
ID# 40975
Headline Shimon Peres and King Hussein sign a document contemporaneous to and concerning the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan  
Date October 26 1995 Price
Place Arava $4,800.00


Name William Clinton
Hillary Clinton
ID# 50297
Headline Relating to a Washington law firm's March 3, 1999 bill "for professional services rendered in connection with fundraising matters," the President and First Lady "believe these legal expenses are appropriate for reimbursement by the [Clinton Legal Expense] Trust" formed in 1998 to help pay their legal bills relating to, but not limited to, Whitewater, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, impeachment, and illegal fundraising.  
Date March 3 1999 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $25,000.00


Name Franklin D. Roosevelt ID# 58214
Headline Foreshadowing his greater responsibilities 27 years later, 32-year-old Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, tells the Navy Secretary what should immediately be done upon learning that U.S. Forces had just bombarded and seized the Mexican port of Veracruz  
Date [April 21, 1914] Price
Place [Bremerton, Washington] $3,000.00


Name [Ronald Reagan] ID# 57373
Headline First Lady Nancy Reagan inscribed photograph to a U.S. Ambassador at Camp David with a Camp David water glass  
Date c. November 1985 Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $1,800.00


Name David Ben-Gurion ID# 57006
Headline Four months after the Six Day War, Ben-Gurion talks politics  
Date October 24, 1967 Price
Place Sdeh Boker, [Israel] $3,000.00


Name William Clinton ID# 32709
Headline Fabulous Bill Clinton signed pardon lightens sentence for first degree murderer  
Date January 7, 1980 Price
Place Arkansas $2,900.00


Name World War II
Dwight D. Eisenhower
ID# 57273
Headline Cup and saucer used by representatives of the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and France at meetings of the Allied Control Council which issued directives, laws, and proclamations to the four occupied zones of postwar Germany.  
Date 1947-1-948 Price
Place [Berlin] $5,000.00

Name King George I of England
ID# 57829
Headline The Birth Certificate of Italy! King George I of Great Britain boldly signs the pivotal document concerning the fate of Italy for over 200 years – Content of this document mentions all the major monarchs of the time and assures the reconfiguration of Europe per the Treaty of the Hague  
Date September 4, 1722 Price
Place London, England $45,000.00


Name Richard Nixon ID# 57843
Headline Richard Nixon signs a stunning limited edition of his memoirs four years after his resignation from office  
Date 1978 Price
Place New York $500.00

Name Simon Bolivar ID# 58071
Headline As Liberator President of the Republic of Colombia, Simon Bolivar promotes Col. Leon Galindo to General  
Date October 2, 1827 Price
Place Bogota, Colombia $4,500.00

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