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Best in Film

The 86th Academy Awards will soon be held to recognize and celebrate excellence in film. Each year, most nominations are competitive and are for films shown in Los Angeles the previous calendar year. Honorary awards and the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Achievement Award recognize achievement over time, and it is in this spirit that we offer a 10% discount until March 3, 2014, on a select few entertainment documents from legends in film, both on-screen actors in nominated films, and authors who inspired the stories we cherish. Walt Disney holds the record of winning the most Academy Awards – 26, with 59 nominations! Greta Garbo won an honorary Oscar for her "luminous and unforgettable screen performances," but would not appear in person to accept the award. In this year's foreign film nomination from Kazakhstan, "The Old Man," Ernest Hemingway's 1952 novella, "The Old Man and the Sea," was admittedly the inspiration. May you be inspired by this wonderful collection:

Name Walt Disney ID# 55434
Headline Signed Disney Courvoisier color cel set-up from the beloved 1945 feature “Three Caballeros”  
Date c. 1945 Price
Place [Burbank, California] $6,500.00
Name Grace Kelly ID# 57564
Headline In an amazing revealing letter, Princess Grace comments on the terrorist attacks on the Israeli Olympians six weeks earlier “We were in Munich for the Olympic games … It was heartbreaking, we were all very upset particularly Rainier over the way the Germans handled the situation. They are great at organisation but zero at improvisation” – describing her children “my ‘jewels’ Albert, Caroline & St├ęphanie” – visiting her mother-in-law in cold northern France “I have to take along everything warm we own. Of course my mother-in-law’s attitude toward me does nothing to warm up the atmosphere” – “the people here treated me as someone from Mars for a long time, they have accepted me now” – “  
Date October 16, 1972 Price
Place Monaco $3,750.00

Name Ernest Hemingway ID# 57563
Headline Hemingway Signed Living Library First Edition of “Men Without Women” inscribed at the request of his lifelong military friend Col. Charles Sweeny  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $5,000.00

Name Humphrey Bogart ID# 57314
Headline Magnificent Display on attractive Warner Bros. stationery – Humphrey Bogart enjoys two of his greatest films: “The Maltese Falcon” and “The Treasure of Sierra Madre”  
Date December 20, 1954 Price
Place Burbank, California $10,000.00
Name Edgar Rice Burroughs ID# 56702
Headline Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, signed contract for his highly praised Sci Fi novel, The Gods of Mars, part of the famous Barsoom series and birth of the character John Carter.  
Date May 15, 1918 Price
Place Oak Park, Illinois $1,000.00

Name Margaret Mitchell ID# 57504
Headline Calling the premiere of the movie “Gone With the Wind” in Atlanta “the most exciting occasion this city had known since that day in the 1880’s when Jefferson Davis, then an old man, came here to unveil the Ben Hill statue,” Margaret Mitchell writes that “In some countries they may or may not like Clark Gable or Vivien Leigh, but they all shout for Hattie McDaniel…”  
Date August 9, 1940 Price
Place Atlanta, Georgia $4,750.00

Name Ray Bolger ID# 57570
Headline From “The Wizard of Oz,” a signed photograph of the Scarecrow with Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,750.00
Name Greta Garbo ID# 57558
Headline GARBO SPEAKS! Beginning rehearsals for her first talking picture, “Anna Christie,” Greta Garbo applies to extend her stay in the United States as a “motion picture actress under contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer…”  
Date October 29, 1929 Price
Place Los Angeles, California $5,750.00

Name Ken Kesey ID# 56987
Headline Rare signed “The Merry Pranksters Grand Further Tour 1997” poster  
Date [1999-2001] Price
Place [Pleasant Hill, Oregon] $750.00


Name Star Trek ID# 55610
Headline Is a “Star Trek” movie in the stars? After meeting with an astrologer/psychic, creator Gene Roddenberry writes to her that “Paramount keeps slipping new zingers in each version of the contract…”  
Date April 29, 1976 Price
Place Hollywood, California $3,000.00


Name Charlie Chaplin ID# 57569
Headline Early vintage signed Charlie Chaplin photograph  
Date c. 1915 Price
Place n.p. $1,700.00


Name Samuel L. Clemens ID# 57231
Headline Mark Twain sends his lawyer $10,000 to invest with an Illinois banking house  
Date January 17, 1876 Price
Place Hartford, Connecticut $2,500.00


Name [Marilyn Monroe] ID# 56835
Headline Marilyn Monroe “Nude” Triptych – three photographs taken at the 20th Century Fox swimming pool  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $4,000.00


Name Hanna-Barbera ID# 57052
Headline Rare Signed First Printing of “The Art of Hanna-Barbera”  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,000.00


Name Truman Capote ID# 54765
Headline Truman Capote seeks a beach house to rent while writing In Cold Blood - offered with a signed copy of the book.  
Date February 20, 1963 Price
Place Brooklyn, New York $1,600.00


Name Greta Garbo ID# 57551
Headline Greta Garbo signs an autograph for MGM make-up man Cecil Holland who later appeared with her in a cameo role in “Mata Hari” – he was Make-Up Supervisor of “Grand Hotel” where Garbo spoke her iconic line: “I want to be alone”  
Date 1928 Price
Place n.p. $3,000.00


Name Eugene O'Neill ID# 52340
Headline Already the winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, Eugene O’Neill, who had sent 28-year-old John O’Hara an inscribed copy of “Strange Interlude,” thanks the future novelist for his book of sonnets.  
Date October 26, 1933 Price
Place Sea Island, Georgia $3,500.00


Name Margaret Hamilton ID# 57571
Headline From “The Wizard of Oz,” a signed photograph of the Wicked Witch of the West melting  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $1,500.00


Name George Bernard Shaw ID# 57579
Headline “Everyone applauded” when the “Concerts at Queen’s Hall in London announced that no music by German composers would be played … nobody went to the concerts…” – “At the end of the week the names of Wagner, Beethoven, and Strauss appeared all over the programmes. The concerts immediately filled up again…”  
Date April 11, 1918 Price
Place London [England] $1,500.00


Name Walt Disney ID# 54725
Headline Early large signed inscription to Sir Francis Peek.  
Date c. 1930s Price
Place London, England $2,600.00

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