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Vol. 5, Iss. 8: Mothers and Fathers






Mothers and Fathers

In anticipation of the celebration of Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June,  we are proud to present an eclectic selection of documents to, from, or about mothers and fathers - mothers of generals, fathers of presidents, father presidents, mothers of assassins, princess mothers, mothers of princes, mobster fathers, and even the fathers of baseball and the constitution! Each item is available at a 10% discount through May 8, 2014. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Father’s Day.


Name Jacqueline Kennedy ID# 56246
Headline Two handwritten notes by Jackie Kennedy, one on very attractive “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU / ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY” letterhead  
Date May 1969 Price
Place New York, New York $2,500.00

Name [Charles Dickens] ID# 57833
Headline Charles Dickens’ “N├ęcessaire de Voyage” box taken with him on his travels  
Date n.d. Price
Place n.p. $17,500.00

Name Grace Kelly ID# 57564
Headline In an amazing revealing letter, Princess Grace comments on the terrorist attacks on the Israeli Olympians six weeks earlier “We were in Munich for the Olympic games … It was heartbreaking, we were all very upset particularly Rainier over the way the Germans handled the situation. They are great at organisation but zero at improvisation” – describing her children “my ‘jewels’ Albert, Caroline & St├ęphanie” – visiting her mother-in-law in cold northern France “I have to take along everything warm we own. Of course my mother-in-law’s attitude toward me does nothing to warm up the atmosphere” – “the people here treated me as someone from Mars for a long time, they have accepted me now” – “  
Date October 16, 1972 Price
Place Monaco $3,750.00


Name Anthony Wayne ID# 52116
Headline Over 1000 words on a deed in the hand of 29-year-old Anthony Wayne after he surveyed the land his parents were selling.  
Date May 2, 1774 Price
Place Willistown, Pennsylvania $6,500.00

Name J. Edgar Hoover ID# 56634
Headline J. Edgar Hoover watched Eisenhower’s 1953 Inaugural Parade “from my office window at the corner of ninth and Pennsylvania Avenue and I recall so well in 1913, as we marched up the Avenue, that my Mother and Father were sitting at the corner of ninth and Pennsylvania Avenue to view the parade…”  
Date February 4, 1953 Price
Place Washington, D.C. $375.00

Name John J. Audubon ID# 50633
Headline Audubon pens a letter home asking about the status of subscribers and giving financial instructions to his sons as he travels to compile material for his final work, Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America.  
Date June 22, 1844 Price
Place Pittsfield, [Massachusetts] $11,000.00

Name George Bush ID# 57263
Headline George Bush signed book “All the Best”  
Date 1999 Price
Place n.p. $1,250.00


Name John Gotti ID# 53865
Headline From prison, Gotti writes to the daughter of mobster George DeCicco, longtime Capo in the Gambino crime family, mentioning the 20th anniversary of his 12-year-old son Frank’s death, giving his reaction to the recent arrest of “Sammy the Bull” Gravano (“As for that ‘yellow weasel,’ no I wasn’t surprised … the Government and him are ‘birds of a feather,’ and they deserve one another. I wont go any further on that punk)" and that “John is well, as is the other ‘Knuckle head’ my son-in-law…”  
Date [April 11, 2000] Price
Place [Marion, Illinois] $3,250.00

Name Abner Doubleday ID# 36720
Headline War Dated Doubleday letter committing to "use every exertion to go into the Field ... as Senators Wade and Chandler & others are disposed to use their influence in my behalf..." despite being assigned to the defense of Washington  
Date March 2, 1862 Price
Place Washington, DC $6,000.00

Name William H. Taft ID# 57718
Headline Taft sends his autograph in a rare displayable ALS while vacationing at his summer home in Quebec  
Date July 21, 1920 Price
Place Pointe au Pic, Quebec, Canada $500.00


Name Moshe Dayan ID# 53138
Headline Extraordinary archive of 13 signed letters by Moshe Dayan to his wife and parents, handwritten on fragile prison toilet tissue, while held prisoner by the British from 1939 to 1941.  
Date 1939-1941 Price
Place Acre Prison, Palestine $79,000.00


Name Meyer Lansky
ID# 55313
Headline Two months after arriving in Israel to avoid any legal problems which might arise in Miami, intending to become an Israeli citizen, Meyer Lansky tells his daughter that “as long as I hear that you are well my desire for home is negative…”  
Date September 24, 1970 Price
Place [Herzlia on Sea, Israel] $3,500.00


Name Princess Diana of Wales ID# 56992
Headline On her 26th birthday, Princess Diana thanks fashion designer Bruce Oldfield for his present, a “marvellous jersey…”  
Date July 1, 1987 Price
Place London, England $3,800.00


Name William Clinton ID# 34276
Headline A pair of wonderful William Clinton letters to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He uses his presidential influence to expand trade with China, considered the most important and long-reaching measure of his administration.  
Date March & July 2000 Price
Place Washington DC $6,500.00


Name Benjamin Rush ID# 53650
Headline Signer Benjamin Rush and his wife Julia, daughter of Signer Richard Stockton, deed to her brother land conveyed to Julia by her mother, Annis Stockton, “in Consideration of the natural Love and Affectation which she beareth unto and for her said Daughter…” – Deed signed twice by Benjamin Rush – with Annis Stockton’s signed deed transferring the land to her daughter a month earlier!  
Date March 10, 1793 Price
Place New Jersey $3,600.00


Name Lee Harvey Oswald ID# 56818
Headline Warren Commission Exhibit No. 185. Lee Harvey Oswald handwrites a letter from his wife to his mother in Texas, signed by both Marina and Lee  
Date November 23, [1961] Price
Place [Minsk, Russia] $10,000.00


Name James Madison ID# 57857
Headline Framed Display! Impressment of American sailors into the British Royal Navy was a major cause of the War of 1812. This Madison Ships Passport identifies a vessel as belonging “to one or more of the citizens of the United States,” permitting her “to Pass with her Company Passengers Goods and Merchandize without any hinderance seizure or molestation” from the Port of New York  
Date January 27, 1810 Price
Place Washington, DC $1,250.00


Name [John F. Kennedy] ID# 57232
Headline First Generation Photograph of one of America’s iconic images: John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s horse-drawn flag-draped casket  
Date [November 25, 1963] Price
Place [Washington, D.C.] $3,500.00


Name David Brearley ID# 50603
Headline Extremely rare David Brearley Constitution Signer war-dated document also signed by the father of Texas patriot David G. Burnet.  
Date September 23, 1779 Price
Place New Jersey $2,500.00


Name George W. Bush ID# 55060
Headline A Donna Karan silk tie from George W. Bush’s “personal wardrobe,”signed by him, accompanied by a letter of authenticity also signed by Texas Governor Bush.  
Date January 2, 1997 Price
Place Austin, Texas $7,500.00


Name George S. Patton Jr. ID# 57498
Headline George S. Patton writes to his mother from West Point about his love for Beatrice, his future wife.  
Date Feb. 7, 1909 Price
Place [West Point] $6,000.00

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