Horatio Nelson

A commemorative tray made from copper sheathing recovered from Horatio Nelson's flagship, the H.M.S. Victory

A commemorative copper plate, 12" diameter, from the 1905 centenary of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson’s death, cast in copper from H.M.S. Victory, Horatio Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, with the engraved title: "CENTENARY MOMENTO" bearing the identification: "Nelson's Victory Presented by the British & Foreign Sailor's Society Containing Victory Copper from Lords of Admiralty" The copper plate is engraved on the recto with a large anchor and a depiction of the H.M.S. Victory at center. The verso bears an inscription: “To David From Grandma Styles.” Minor dent at top rim and light oxidation.

Following the battle of Trafalgar, the H.M.S. Victory was badly damaged and could not return under the power of its own sail. After delivering Nelson's body to London, the Victory was repaired and remained in active service until 1812 when she was moored at Portsmouth. The ship served as a training ship for some time but by the turn of the 20th century, it had deteriorated so badly that in 1910 a group of enthusiasts established the Society for Nautical Research to help fund restoration of the ship which was finally completed well after the close of the Second World War (the last repairs were not completed until 2005, just in time for the bicentennial of Trafalgar). Today, it is the oldest commissioned warship in the world and attracts over 350,000 visitors as a museum ship. To help fund its restoration efforts, the Society for Nautical Research took unusable parts, including nails and copper sheathing, and melted them down to be refashioned as souvenirs.

Provenance: British Foreign Sailors Society; obtained by the War Museum from a prominent British naval family collection, which had additionally featured relics from the noted Benjamin Hill Collection—that holding included one of the largest swatches of Nelson's ensign that flew at Trafalgar in private hands. Some of these relics were featured in a recently-published peer-reviewed article, a copy of which has been included for reference.

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Horatio NelsonHoratio NelsonHoratio Nelson
Horatio Nelson
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