George Tayloe Ross

Archive of Public and Private Side of Young Democrat, Rhodes Scholar, and Son of Two Wyoming Governors, George Tayloe Ross


Archive of Public and Private Side of Young Democrat, Rhodes Scholar, and Son of Two Wyoming Governors


GEORGE TAYLOE ROSS, Archive of approximately 80 documents, mostly letters. 1849-1942. Most items in very good condition with a few exceptions.


This fascinating archive includes both early love letters and business and political correspondence of George Tayloe Ross, the son of two Wyoming governors. When she was elected to succeed her deceased husband as governor, Ross’s mother Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first female governor in U.S. history. Ten years later, she became the first female director of the U.S. Mint. Her son George was a Rhodes Scholar and became a successful attorney in New York City, who helped found the Young Democrats of America.



·         21 Autograph Letters Signed, to and from various girlfriends, 1930. 63 pp. + 19 envelopes and 1 photograph.

o   4 letters and 1 telegram from Georgia Stamm (1910-1961), Westport, CT

o   3 letters from Esther, Ponca City, OK

o   11 letters and 1 telegram from Elsie V. Spicer (b. 1903), Wisconsin, Idaho, North Carolina

o   Draft letter to Ariel

o   Draft letter to “Dolly”

o   Draft letter to “Sweetheart”


·         33 Typed and Handwritten Letters, Drafts, and Other Documents, 1932-1933. Includes discussion of local infighting among Democrats in Queens County, New York; funding for the Montana-Wyoming Railroad; formation of Young Democrats of America; and Ross’s interest in radical politics. ~ 87 pp. + 11 envelopes.

o   Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor, Typed Letter Signed, to A. J. Powers, September 19, 1933. (possibly a copy)


·         James M. Kreiter, Typed Letters Signed and Autograph Letters Signed, 1907-1942, regarding his work for the Washington Post, a medal he received for work with the Isthmian Canal Commission (1908-1910), and his use of a Linotype typewriter in France during World War I.  5 pp. + 2 envelopes, a postcard, and a draft registration card.

o   James M. Kreiter, Typed Letter Signed, to “Ick,” May 14, 1919, Chaumont, France.

“This a.m. I was flying high. And there is no bull about that, for I was, for nearly half an hour, sailing around in a French bomber. Practically no sensations, for the pilot, a Frenchman, did no stunts—one reason I am here now, maybe. Just like riding in an auto, though a thousand times more fascinating. Great sport.” Great content. Tear along center fold with some loss of text.

James M. Kreiter (1889-1962) was born in Pennsylvania and followed his father and namesake James M. Kreiter (1856-1911) into the printing business. He served with the American Expeditionary Force during World War I at the printing facility in Chaumont, France. After the war, he held a position with the government printing office in Washington, D.C., as his father had.


·         A series of ~ 21 letters from the Trinder and Eyre law firm of London to solicitor John N. Chadwick (1825-1863) in Lynn, Norfolk, some including copies of his responses, regarding an ongoing case between Chadwick and Snowdon, 1849-1850. 41 pp.


George Tayloe Ross (1903-1991) was a twin born in Wyoming to William B. Ross (1873-1924) and Nellie Tayloe Ross (1876-1977). His father was governor of Wyoming from 1923 until his death in 1924, then his mother won election to succeed her late husband and became the first female governor in American history in 1925. She served until January 1927. In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed her as the first female director of the U.S. Mint, a position she held until 1953. George Tayloe Ross graduated from the University of Wyoming and studied law at the University of Wyoming Law School from 1924 to 1926 and as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England. He became a lawyer in New York and was involved in the first presidential campaign of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1932, he married Hattie Willard Tomlinson (1903-1986), and they had one daughter before their divorce in 1939. That year, he married Mary Steele Shropshire (1905-1982). He was a founder and first vice president of the Young Democrats of America and served as deputy administrator of the National Recovery Administration. During World War II, Ross was president of Langley Aviation Corporation and served on the post-war planning committee of the National Association of Manufacturers. He helped implement the Marshall Plan in post-war Europe and later served in the State Department in a program to assist underdeveloped nations. During retirement, he settled in Williamsburg and actively supported the College of William and Mary.


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George Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe Ross
George Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe Ross
George Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe RossGeorge Tayloe Ross
George Tayloe Ross
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