George S. Patton Jr.

George Patton Signed Envelope, During Operation Fortitude, PSA/DNA Slabbed & Graded

George Patton Signed Envelope, During Operation Fortitude, The Deceptive PSA/DNA Encapsulated And Graded


Air Mail Envelope, 6.75" x 4", addressed to "Mrs. G.S. Patton, Jr", from Lt. Gen G.S. Patton, Jr. George Patton signed the envelope within the return address as the Censor, "G.S. Patton Jr". Postmark dated "May 22, 1944". PSA/DNA encapsulated and graded NM 7.


A fantastic signed envelope while in the middle of Operation Fortitude just prior to the Invasion of Normandy. Like the rest of the world, Patton learned of the Normandy invasion  by listening to the BBC at seven o’clock on the morning of June  6, 1944. Though he had been sidelined from the invasion, he played  an important role in it by his absence. In February 1944, Overlord planners at Supreme Allied Headquarters had formulated a plan—“Operation Fortitude South”—to deceive the Nazi commanders into thinking that the Norman landings were merely a feint to draw German defenders away from a main Allied invasion at Pas de Calais.

Fortitude was a massive operation of deception conducted by the Allied Forces to lead the Germans to believe that they would be landing in Pas-de-Calais, where France and England were closest, or in Norway, because Hitler and his cronies thought this most probable.


The aim was also to make them believe that the Normandy landings in May 1944 and in the south of France in June 1944 were mere diversions, and that the real landings would take place in Pas-de-Calais, so that the German army would concentrate its troops there during the Landings, giving the Allies time to muster. The means implemented for this operation were as follows:


  • Deliberately letting the enemy get hold of false secret information via exchanges with neutral countries, spies and double agents.
  • Creating dummy military units in England, sometimes with fake tanks and inflatable aeroplanes, movements of troops and heated radio conversations.

This encouraged the Germans to build many bunkers and reinforce the Atlantic Wall along the Côte d’Opale, in Pas-de-Calais.

The German authorities apparently clung to their belief that the landing would occur in Pas-de-Calais right until September 1944.


A month after the Normandy invasion, secretly landing at an airstrip near Omaha Beach, Patton entered a waiting jeep. When army and navy personnel rushed up to see him, Patton stood and delivered a short impromptu speech: “I’m proud to be here to fight beside you. Now let’s cut the guts out of those Krauts and get the hell on to Berlin. And when we get to Berlin, I am going to personally shoot that paperhanging goddamned son of a bitch just like I would a snake.” The troops cheered Patton’s remarks. He soon learned that he was to lead the Third Army and that his first responsibility was to clear the Brest peninsula of Germans. Patton’s presence was still a secret to the enemy. He wrote to his wife Beatrice on July 10, 1944, “Sunday I went to a field mass. It was quite impressive. All the men with rifles and helmets, the altar the back of a jeep. Planes on combat missions flying over and the sound of guns all the while. . . . There is nothing to do at the moment but be a secret weapon.”


As the official British history notes, it was “the most complex and successful deception operation in the entire history of the war.” This is a superb piece from this period !



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George S. Patton Jr.George S. Patton Jr.
George S. Patton Jr.
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