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Frank Lloyd Wright signed 1956 plan for future Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

Frank Lloyd Wright initialed 1956 plan for future Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center


Circa 1956 Monona Terrace project architectural plans initialed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) as "FLW" in a 1" square red square in the lower left corner. In good condition overall, with some faded writing, uneven discoloration, chipped edges, closed tears, minor loss at corners, and residual tape along edges. The initials are bright and clear. The sheet measures 60.5" x 27.5" unrolled.


Wright drew his plans for "Level A" of Monona Terrace (Madison, Wisconsin) in purple, red, and brown colored pencil. The iconic semi-circular plan included symmetrical wings that extended outwards towards Lake Monona. Within, Wright has included a lounge at the center surrounded by radiating rings of conference rooms and larger meeting places. Interior space has also been allocated for offices, machinery rooms, and twin boathouses. The plan is not explicitly titled "Monona Terrace", but the inclusion of landmarks like North Shore Drive, Olin Drive, the railroad, and the lakefront make its identity unmistakable.


This plan of Monona Terrace dates towards the end of the planning process, in 1956. Monona Terrace was first conceived by Wright, a Wisconsin native, in 1938. Original plans for his "Dream Civic Center" included a multi-functional municipal space linking the State Capitol building with the Lake Monona waterfront. The original plans featured an interconnected courthouse, community venue, and railroad depot. The project was shelved during World War II, initially approved in 1955, and then blocked through legislation between 1957-1959. Wright's last plans of Monona Terrace date from 1959.


The Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center was finally built in the late 1990s, four decades after Wright's death. While its exterior shell is based on Wright design, the interior had been modified by modern architects. This popular urban venue attracts residents and tourists alike with its six levels including a roof-top terrace.


Frank Lloyd Wright created over 1000 architectural plans over his 70-year-long career, of which more than half were constructed. Wright's pioneering design approach incorporated function, aesthetics, and the environment, and fundamentally changed turn-of-the-century and modern architecture. In addition to architectural design, Wright wrote many books, served as a mentor, and also designed furniture and decorative arts.



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