Fidel Castro

Revolución!! Perhaps the earliest and most important manuscript of the Cuban Revolution in private hands. All the Moncada Prisoners sign a letter of appreciation to champions of their cause: "...our tasks are firm to serve the ideals, our formula of action demands continuity of our efforts that is why from here we will fight...". This was probably smuggled out of Isle of Pines Prison when, days before, Castro wrote "History Will Absolve Me".

The 2-page handwritten manuscript is dated December 6, 1953 and written on beige lined paper, and reads: "Kind and distinguished lady: Together with these sincere lines are attached the affection and respect from all my partners. I was motivated with the idea of writing you because of your admiration towards myself that made the fibers of my heart vibrate with an accelerated rate that was motivated by your eloquent lines. We read your poem and it left us all inspired by the kindness of your phrases, my partners and I, are very lovers of the poetry, that is why I take the opportunity to tell you that you are an excellent poetry writer. In those difficult moments that I used to have with frequency I will remember your beautiful thoughts and incomparable ideals, this has been the formula that with effectiveness have changed during these days my sadness towards happiness. You know that our tasks are firm to serve the ideals, our formula of action demands continuity of our efforts that is why from here we will fight continually for our improving starting with the education and now lady I only have to say good bye wishing you together with all your family this year and in the next. Sincerely yours, Agustin D. Cartaya and his partners want to congratulate you and in proof of our sincere appreciation we want to send you the following signatures." The signatures follow: "Alcalde, Redondo, R. Castro, E. Camara, Juan Almeida, Andres Garcia, Mario Chanes, Francisco Gonzalez, Rosendo Menendes, Orlando Cortes, Gabriel Gil, Jose Ponce, Fidel Castro, Pedro Miret, Eduardo Rodriguez, Fidel Labrador, Ernest Tizol, Jesus Montane, Jose Suarez, Armando Mestro Martinez, Israel Tapanes, Julio Diaz, Benitez, Rene Bedia, Ramiro Valdes, Eduardo Montano and who subscribes Agustin D. Cartaya". This last signature, Cartaya, is the author of the manuscript.

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Fidel CastroFidel CastroFidel Castro
Fidel Castro
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