Cole Younger

James Younger Famed Outlaw of the Wild West ANS, One of Only a Few Known

James Younger Famed Outlaw of the Wild West ANS one of only a few known



Autographed noted signed, "5.5 x 8.5". Signed by James Younger as "Jim". Written on thin shiny brown paper with dark vibrant ink. A fine example with a small separation along one fold line. Circa October 1899. Notes in another hand on verso.


James Younger, western outlaw; together with his brothers committed numerous robberies, and murders throughout the frontier. Following the Civil War, Jim Younger returned to the family farm in Missouri and joined with his brothers Cole and John, and the James brothers, Frank and Jesse, in a life of crime. During his ten-year crime spree, he was credited with numerous gunfights and bank robberies but his final and disastrous escapade occurred on September 7, 1876 in Northfield, Minnesota, at the First National Bank. Jim was positioned on the bridge leading to town when the shooting began.   He rode into the fighting, a pistol in each hand, and helped the members of his gang fight their way out of town, leaving two dead behind him. With the area swarming with posses, the James brothers and the Younger brothers split up. For two weeks the brothers attempted to ignore wounds and hunger in their attempt to escape, but finally surrendered on September 21. Jim had been wounded five times, including by a bullet which shattered his jaw, allowing him to eat only liquids. Jim Younger's brother Bob died in prison, but he and Cole were paroled after serving long prison sentences.

This letter written from Minnesota State Prison is shown below:

"Carano - this might be of service to you some day — by way of identification in a strange place."


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Cole YoungerCole Younger
Cole Younger
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