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Monica Lewinsky’s last listing in the April 1996 White House Telephone Directory – on April 17, 1996, she was transferred to a new job at the Pentagon

Book “Executive Office of the President,” April 1996, 144 pages, 8.5” x 11”. Softcover, three punch holes at left for placement in a three-ring binder. Minor ink marks at upper right on cover.

In June 1995, 21-year-old Monica Lewinsky became an unpaid intern on the office of Pres. Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta. According to Lewinsky on November 15, 1995, she had her first sexual encounter with the President. In December, Lewinsky became a salaried employee in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, handling letters from members of Congress and, as Staff Assistant, delivering mail to the Oval Office.

In April 1996, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Evelyn Lieberman transferred Lewinsky to the Pentagon where, on April 17, 1996, she was hired by Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Kenneth Bacon as his confidential assistant. Lieberman later testified before a grand jury that she ordered the transfer citing “inappropriate and immature behavior” and poor job performance. In her new job, Lewinsky met Linda Tripp who had worked in the Bush and Clinton White House until 1994 when she began working in the Pentagon. That summer, Lewinsky told Tripp of her alleged relationship with Pres. Clinton; Tripp secretly recorded their conversations.

Here offered is the White House Telephone Directory for April 1996. Names, phone numbers, and office locations are listed by department beginning on page WHO-1with “The President … Clinton, William Jefferson … 456-1414 … 1FL/WW WH.” The last name listed in “Legislative Affairs,” on page WHO-6, is “Staff Assistant … Lewinsky, Monica … 456-7500 … 102/EW WH.” Lewinsky is also listed in the alphabetical index on page 22.

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