Bill Clinton

The most explosive Presidential scandal archive in private hands: Monica gets one lover, Bill Clinton, to send another lover a letter on White House stationery. This and many letters of Monica as well as relics were Starr exhibits that were used to impeach President Clinton.

The archive includes items that relate to Kate and Andrew Bleiler. The Bleilers were in the news most notably in a front lawn news conference during the Lewinsky scandal. Andrew Bleiler was a teacher with whom Monica had a 5-year torrid affair and he was quoted as saying that Monica told him she was going to Washington to "get her presidential knee pads". Included are a photo of Bill & Hillary Clinton, to the Bleilers, signed by both of them with autopen, a photo of Bill Clinton to Andrew Bleiler, signed with autopen, an authentically signed White House letter from Bill Clinton to Andrew Bleiler, two notes referencing Monica's address in her hand, eight personal cards in Monica's hand, some containing photos of Senator Dole's backyard at the Watergate, Monica's graduation signed "Me" by her, and of Monica. In addition to the materials contained in the portfolio there are four programs from Holidays at the White House 1995, three boxes of Presidential M & M's, one box of Presidential Whitman's Chocolates, one Presidential matchbook, and seven articles of clothing including a sexy slip that Monica gave to the then Mrs. Bleiler. We will not release copies or text of the items in this group for we feel that the archive could very well garner twice the asking price in P.R. value for the ultimate purchaser. An amazing group!

Item: 24998

Price: $35,000.00
Bill ClintonBill ClintonBill Clinton
Bill Clinton
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