Alexander Fleming

Scientist Alexander Fleming Autographed Caricature

Scientist Alexander Fleming Autographed Caricature

This wonderful caricature by Dutch artist Pollak of chemist Alexander Fleming includes a delightful endorsement by Alexander Fleming the same year he received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of penicillin. The clothing for the full-body caricature is made of actual fabric.

ALEXANDER FLEMING, Autograph Endorsement Signed, on Caricature, December 1945. 1 p., 5.25" x 9.75".  Edge folds.

Complete Transcript
If I looked just like this I feel sure I should be able to refuse requests such as yours.
      Alexander Fleming / Dec 1945

Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, and graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London in 1906. He joined the research department at St. Mary’s and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Bacteriology in 1906. He then served as a lecturer at St. Mary’s until 1914. During World War I, he was a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, working in battlefield hospitals in France. He returned to St. Mary’s Hospital, until he was appointed as Professor of Bacteriology at the University of London in 1928. After returning from vacation in September 1928, Fleming discovered that one of his cultures of staphylococci had developed a fungus and that the bacteria immediately around the fungus had been destroyed. He grew the mold in a pure culture and found that it produced a substance that killed several disease-causing bacteria. He named the substance penicillin and published his findings in 1929, introducing the age of useful antibiotics. He largely abandoned penicillin work in the 1930s, leaving it to other scientists to mass produce it. By the end of World War II, enough penicillin had been developed to treat all the wounded in the Allied forces. For his discovery of penicillin, Fleming received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945.


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Alexander FlemingAlexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming
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