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Abraham Lincoln Interesting General Orders

Abraham Lincoln Interesting General Orders


[ABRAHAM LINCOLN]. Printed Document, General Orders No. 22, February 17, 1865.  3 pp., 5.125" x 7.25"


“The following report of the Board appointed by the President of the United States to examine and correct the quotas of the several States and Districts, under the call for Volunteers of December 19, 1864, is published for the information of all concerned.”


On February 6, 1865, Abraham Lincoln issued an order to address complaints “respecting the assignments of quotas and credits allowed for the pending call of troops to fill up the armies.” He appointed Attorney General James Speed, Brigadier General Richard Delafield, and Colonel C. W. Foster to examine the issue.


On February 16, the Board reported that they found the rule by which the Provost Marshal General assigned quotas to be “in conformity with the requirements of the laws of Congress, and is just and equitable. We have carefully examined and proved the work done under this rule by the Provost Marshal General, and find that it has been done with fairness.”  President Lincoln approved the report on February 17, 1865.


Recruiting during the Civil War was always a complicated task after the first flush of volunteers in the spring and summer of 1861. The Provost Marshal General was responsible for apportioning Lincoln’s December 1864 call for 300,000 men among the Congressional districts, taking into account the number of men previously furnished by each district and their periods of service. In this report, the board appointed by the president approved the work and calculations of the Provost Marshal General.


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